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Journalism Resources - Compiled   edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa

News Sources

Google News
A unique news source that uses the Google search technology to assemble a news page made up of links to English language news sources from all over the world. Unlike most front pages, Google News's constantly updated homepage is not chosen by human editors -- any bias comes from the search rating algorithms not personal politics. You can also search for news published within the past 30 days. They have recently added International versions in a variety of languages. Scroll to the bottom of the page for these.

World News
see also National News - Alternative News - Iowa News - Specialized News

Al Jazeera
The English language site for the Arabic-language TV channel -- actually several channels including news, sports, a C-SPAN-like channel that broadcasts events in real time, and a children's channel. Based in Doha, Qatar an emirrate on the Arabian Penisula.
Completely unrelated to Al Jazeera. Wikipedia says this site is prone to conspiricy theories and inflamatory language.
News in English from Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, UAE
Associated Press
Perhaps the best known news agency, and the oldest -- started in 1846. "AP operates as a not-for-profit cooperative with 3,700 employees working in more than 240 worldwide bureaus. AP is owned by its 1,500 U.S. daily newspaper members. They elect a board of directors that directs the cooperative."
Global Reporting Network
"A program of the Center for War, Peace, and the News Media at New York University's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication." Areas covered: Balkan Conflicts East Asian Security EU Integration & Enlargement Middle East NATO Expansion Nuclear Weapons & Proliferation South Asian Security U.S. Defense Policy.
Inter Press News Service
Begun in the 1960s as an international cooperative of journalists. "In 1994, in order to strengthen its non-profit identity, IPS changed its legal status to that of a ‘public-benefit organisation for development cooperation’, open to journalists, professional communicators and bodies active in the fields of information and communication. ...The core activity of IPS is a global news agency producing independent news and analysis about events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations, especially in the South. IPS is the news agency of Civil Society and the South, Development Issues, The Globalisation Process and of the People Excluded from It."
Blue Ear - Global Writing Worth Reading
"What if a media company defined its success as achieving a self-sustaining but more modest profit and providing a serious, thoughtful forum for a global discourse on our age (and, as Fallows points out, serious need not mean dull)?"
The BBC World Service
RealAudio feeds from Africa   Mid East, Americas, Europe   FSU, South Asia, and Asia-Pacific in a large number of languages. See Also: BBC World News Online.

Canadian Media

Canada.Com News Cafe
Southam papers across country: Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto--new National Post, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, many more, wires.
CANOE (Canadian Online Explorer)
Sun papers across country--Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Calgary, Edmonton, wires, much more.
CBC Newsworld Online
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation international news online. Audio & video available for some stories.
CBC National Radio News
Canada's largest news gathering organization, CBC radio offers RealAudio versions of many of its programs. 
Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs
Canadian Forces College -- daily, Canadian and international media sources.
Sympatico NewsExpress
Newspapers and Magazines on the Web (concise but pretty comprehensive international listing)
CNN World
Updated several times a day. Top global stories. Scroll down for regional news and In-depth Specials
The Economist
A Weekly from the U.K. that is especially strong on World news.
European Union - News Sources online
News Sources for the 15 European union member states organized by country.
France Presse Global News
English language version. Choose Links for an extensive list of local newspapers from around the world.
International Herald Tribune
"The International Herald Tribune is a daily newspaper edited in Paris and printed around the world. Published with The New York Times   The Washington Post."
Jerusalem Post
English language daily from Israel
Radio Netherlands
In addition to the Dutch view on world events, this site contains a lot of information about human rights, including sections like "Counteracting Hate Media" and "Community Radio."
Russia Today
English language daily
World Press Review
An online version of the magazine.
OneWorld Online
Alternative world news. "A community of over 350 leading global justice organizations under one roof."
"This site lists over 8,400 newspapers and magazines worldwide, all in English, including over 2,400 U.S. newspapers. Also lists college newspapers and other research sources." --Bob Poulsen
Voice of America
News from around the world updated several times a day. See also: U.S.Information Agency
World News Connection - Latest Headlines
Don't let the amateur look fool you WNC is a foreign news service from the U.S. Government

National News  
see also World News - Alternative News - Iowa News - Specialized News

One major site that links you to almost every magazine available online -- the American Journalism Review.
The best and most complete set (close to 5,000) of links to newspapers organized by national, state, world, campus, and service type.
Searchable Newspaper Archives
Afrrican American Newspapers
Over 250 listed by state - no links. For links see the Yahoo African-American Newspapers directory
Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library's Newspaper Collection
Links to hundreds of online publications and news sources via: AJR Newslink, Alpha complete news index, Canadian Publications Online, Canadiana - The Canadian Resource Page, CARDMEDIA - Canadian Media Sites including Community Newspapers, Editor & Publisher Online Newspapers, edoc Newspapers and WebOvision.
National Public Radio (NPR)
RealAudio repeats of national broadcasts -- hourly news update, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and more.
National News for the Political Junkie - a blog by Mike Adamick, award winning reporter for various S.F. Bay Area papers. "Adamick updates Poliwonks each morning from his home in San Francisco. Drawing from more than 50 newspapers and news wires, Poliwonks provides a comprehensive review of political stories from the Beltway to the Heartland"
Just the News
RealAudio news from everywhere. Very probably the largest collection of news you can listen to on the Web.

Alternative News  
see also World News - National News - Iowa News - Specialized News

Alternet: Independent News and Information
"AlterNet Online features stories from alternative newsweeklies, magazines and web publications from across the country, invaluble resources and national employment listings."
Consortium for Independent Journalism (
Robert Parry and others present investigative reports on current and not-so-current issues.
Haight-Ashbury Free Press
A community news organ with a hippy feeling worthy of its name. The links page is filled with 60's remnants.
Inner City Press
Community reinvestment (which requires banks to lend in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods), environmental justice, insurance and telecommunications redlining, the Federal Reserve, the Bronx, and other resources and news related to inner city activism. (
(IC) is a weekly, bipartisan, public policy e-zine available only on the World Wide Web.
Institute for Global Communications
IGC provides news and serves as host to Peacenet, Econet, Labornet, Womensnet and Conflictnet.
Jim Hightower
You will need the free RealPlayer to listen to offerings on this famous Texan's site.
The Onion
Weekly satire
Los Angles Free Press
"The LAFP is a direct descendent of the controversial alternative press of the 1960s and particularly of the original Los Angeles Free Press" produced for the Web by volunteers working on their own computers.
Online Journal
Out There News
"Out There News is a news agency born on the Net. It pioneers a non-linear journalism in which people create their own experience of the news rather than passively receiving information. The audience become journalists themselves, meeting people, discovering facts and absorbing atmosphere to form their own understanding of the issues." Created by two former Reuters reporters, John West and Paul Eedle, based in London.
Political Amazon
"Many websites strive for a dignified and courteous approach to politics. This is not one of those sites"
The Real News Page
"This is literally Jane Prettyman's homepage, one average citizen (albeit an experienced editor in commercial media at Esquire Magazine and other print outlets), working with an online network of dozens of associates and researchers. TRNP models the role of "examiner" and steers you to good reporting, commentary and analysis of the newsmedia by others. We focus on certain under-reported stories and have built "special edition" subsites around them. We're interested in journalistic ethics."
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Been around since the 70s, almost, but not quite, establishment.
Sonoma County Free Press
A view from the left. A small radical press from just north of the San Francisco Bay Area.
The Utne Reader
The Readers Digest of Alternative media.
Washington Free Press
Pacific Northwest progressive activism centered in Seattle. Labor, enviornmental news and "analytical reporting and interpretive articles designed to bring context into the news."
Real Audio access to the Pacifica network and other left-oriented radio broadcasts.
Womenconnect Politics Daily
A daily news briefing on women and politics that follows the "women to watch" in politics, elected officials, candidates and those in behind-the-scenes roles. In addition to the personalities, Womenconnect Politics Daily will follow the issues and political trends affecting professional women.
Working Assets - Columnists
Not just a credit card -- Columnists has articles by people like Molly Ivins, Jesse Jackson and Jim Hightower.

Niche/Specialized News  
see also World News - National News - Alternative News - Iowa News

Advertising Age
Advertising news and archives available online. Some special collections like the top 50 companies in terms of ad expendatures, the history of advertising, best TV commercials.
Adweek Online
Short summaries of advertising and marketing news. Access to more text requires subscription.
APB Online
Police and crime news and information, including police scanners from 10 major cities and crime statistics from variouls sources. The Media Beat covers cops on TV and in the movies.
Arts & Letters Daily
This electronic clipping service is academically focused, but mostly on the intellectual topics academics enjoy, less on the university structure and politics than one finds within the Chronicle of Higher Education (see below).
All the financial and market news that's fit to post. Commentary, IPO Coverage, Personal Finance, Personal Finance, The Good Life, Investing tools   data. This site really takes advantage of the hypertextuality of the Web and could serve as a good model for other online news sources.
Chronicle of Higher Education
A weekly news source for college and university faculty members and administrators. You must have a paid subscription to the paper edition to get beyond the headlines. A major source for academic job listings, available to subscribers online, updated weekly.
News, reviews and how-to articles on computers, from the user's point of view, and the World Wide Web, mostly for designers/publishers of Web pages. Sections on: Special Reports, News, Downloads, Hardware, Shopping, Gadgets, Games, Web Building, TV
Environmental News Network
Daily news and features on current environmental issues.
Tracks "European internet and new media developments across the continent. From the Atlantic to the Urals, from the Artic circle to the Caspian, europemedia brings you the latest internet news and developments both on a pan-European level and country-by-country. ... Europemedia is published by Van Dusseldorp   Partners, an Amsterdam-based pan-European internet research and strategy company."
Grist Magazine: A beacon in the smog
Environmental news and humor.
Hollywood Reporter
Brief news summaries are free but full story access requires subscription.
Covers the media and telecommunication industries.
International weekly journal of science. You must register for full access. Registration is "free" -- you provide personal data in exchange for access.
Philosophy News
An electronic clipping service that briefly summarizes and links to stories related to philosophy in other online news organs.
National News for the Political Junkie - a blog by Mike Adamick, award winning reporter for various S.F. Bay Area papers. "Adamick updates Poliwonks each morning from his home in San Francisco. Drawing from more than 50 newspapers and news wires, Poliwonks provides a comprehensive review of political stories from the Beltway to the Heartland"
PR Newswire
Distributes full-text news reeases to the media and the financial community. Today's News delivers breaking stories searchable by industry, company, stock symbol or state, as well as by keywords and concept. PR Newswire's Entertainment page is where you can receive the most up-to-date information in the entertainment industry. Other areas: Healthcare/Biotechnology, Technology, Finance, Energy, Washington & the World, Computer News Daily, Your Health Daily, the Car Connection, E/Town and SnoCountry.
A search engine that searches a large number of selected news sources. Search under categories: Today's News, Newswires, General News, Newspapers, Business News, and Tech News.
Science Magazine
In-depth articles and backgrounders available by subscription. A 24-hour access can be obtained for $10.

Iowa News
see also World News - National News - Alternative News - Specialized News

  1. Cherokee County's Daily Times (Cherokee)
  2. Creston News Advertiser (Creston)
  3. Daily Democrat, The (Fort Madison)
  4. Daily Gate City (Keokuk)
  5. Daily Iowan, The (Iowa City)
  6. Daily Nonpareil (Council Bluffs)
  7. Daily Tribune, The (Ames)
  8. Des Moines Register, The (Des Moines)
  9. Gazette, The (Cedar Rapids)
  10. Globe-Gazette (Mason City)
  11. Hawk Eye, The (Burlington)
  12. Messenger, The (Fort Dodge)
  13. Oskaloosa Herald (Oskaloosa)
  14. Ottumwa Courier, The (Ottumwa)
  15. Iowa City Press Citizen (Iowa City)
  16. Iowa State Daily (Ames)
  17. Quad-City Times (Davenport)
  18. Sioux City Journal (Sioux City)
  19. Telegraph Herald (Dubuque)
  20. Times-Republican (Marshalltown)
  21. Waterloo Courier (Waterloo


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