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Journalism Resources - Compiled & edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa

Journalism Magazines Online

Advertising Age
News, information and analysis of the marketing industry. Includes a section on Interactive Media and Marketing.
American Journalism Review
Provides tables of contents for current and back issues and selected articles from back issues. Also provides submission guidelines and links to other resources.
Die Blätterteig
German language media articles.
Columbia Journalism Review
CJR is the oldest (founded in l961) media monitor publication. It is published bimonthly by the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.
Critical Mass: The Web Page of Communication Issues
The e-zine produced by communications students at Simon Fraser University intends to offer a Canadian perspective on mass communication issues while serving as a forum for discussion in these issues as well. The primary objective of Critical Mass is to explore the potential of the WWW as a communication and publication medium.
Editor & Publisher
Provides comprehensive coverage of new media news and trends affecting the newspaper industry.
The bimonthly magazine of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR).
The political magazine made famous by John-John Kennedy's involvement that was launched as both a web site and a paper-based publication simultaneously.
The Journal of Electronic Publishing
Scholarly journal published by the University of Michigan Press.
Media Tribe
Concordia University's (Montreal, Canada) Undergraduate Journal of Communication Studies. Includes audio & QuickTime clips. Worth a looksee by all means.
The Native Voice
A newspaper created by student and professional journalists oniste at the 11th Annual Convention of the Native American Journalists Association.
Produced by the Canadian Embassy Press Office, is a weekly summary of selected news stories drawn from various Canadian news organizations.
Online Journalism Review
Published by the University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication, updated weekly, covers cyberjournalism.
Pacific Journalism Review
A journal of news media, communication and journalism issues in the South Pacific region. Published by (SPCenCIID), University of Papua New Guinea
Published by the Society of Professional Journalists since 1912. The online version is a sampler from "...a magazine [that] surveys and interprets today's journalism while stimulating its readers to collective and individual action for the good of our profession."
SPJ PressNotes Today
"PressNotes is a five-day-a-week service of the Society of Professional Journalists. It offers a brief look at industry news and directs you to additional information."

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