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Journalism Resources - Compiled & edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa



News and Commentary about online journalism - regular or frequent sources

Anatomy of a Story - From CNN Interactive's "The Newsroom Exposed" site, follow a story's journey to the Web.

Atlantic Unbound Digital Culture Archive

Contentious: The Web-zine for writers, editors, and others who create content for online media

Digital Journalist - Multimedia magazine for photojournalism in the digital age

Editor & Publisher Interactive News Page

The Journal of Electronic Publishing

Online Journalism Review

Online Journalism Articles and Resources by Mindy McAdams

Online Journalism Programs - U.S. Schools with graduate programs or undergraduate majors and minors in cyberjournalism.

Untangling the Web - "In it I alert readers to useful and interesting resources on the Internet, define confusing terms, debunk myths, and give tips on writing and designing for the Web." --Keith C. Ivey, The Editorial Eye,

The State of the News Media: Online: 2005 an annual report by the Project for Excellence in Journalism. Pages on Content Analysis, Audience, Economics, Owernship, News Investment, Public Attitudes, Conclusion, Charts & Tables and a Guest Essay.

Storytelling for the Web - by Jeff Cowart, President Media National for Gannet online training

Recommended Articles

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Mindy McAdams' recommendations for Articles About Online Newspapers Editor & Publisher Interactive

Recommended Books

Manuals and References

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 Cultural and Social Critiques

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All the financial and market news that's fit to post. This site really takes advantage of the hypertextuality of the Web and could serve as a good model for other online news sources.

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