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Journalism Resources - Compiled & edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa

Guide to Citation Style Guides

A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in History and the Humanities
Melvin E. Page wrote this quick guide to the Chicago & Turabian citation protocols for electronic sources.
APA-Style Documentation
"A Guide for Writing Research Papers based on Styles Recommended by The American Psychological Association" is written by Charles Darling, Professor of English, Capital Community-Technical College. This hypertext manual covers most reference types including electronic sources.
APA: “Electronic Reference Formats Recommended by the American Psychological Association”
This well organized set of pages is on the American Psychology Association's own web site.
Citing Electronic Documentation - Chicago Style, APA & MLA
University of Minnesota - Online Writing Center's Mark D. Stewart wrote this guide based on the 1993 edition of The Chicago Style Guide. Click on the in-text citations to see how each source is written in the references list.
Citing Cyberspace - James D. Lester
One of the few online citation guides that covers the Chicago Style and the CBE (Council of Biology Editors) Numbering Style.
Citing Lexis/Nexis
Short but handy guide using the MLA and APA Style conventions.
Citing Records in the National Archives of the United States
"National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) offers the following guidelines …[that] cover citations to textual records, microform records, nontextual archives (i.e., photographic records, posters, motion pictures, tape recordings, cartographic records, and architectural drawings), electronic records, and online references."
Citing Sources
This Duke University Library guide gives examples of various citations for APA, Chicago, MLA and Turabian styles.
Footnoting Electronic Sources in the Chicago Style
Part of the Longman English Online Citation Guides “Citing Cyberspace” by James D. Lester covers MLA and APA styles but is one of the very few to also deal with Chicago Style and CBE Number style (Council of Biology Editors).
Intellectual Property in the Information Age: A Classroom Guide to Copyright
“If It's On the WWW, It's Published!” Janice Walker, better known for her expertise in citation guides, shows her grasp of copyright issues on the web too. This hypertext article is, unlike many copyright articles, very readable and very web savvy.
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (1997-98 ed.)
by Peter W. Martin (Cornell Law School) ["This citation primer is based on the Sixteenth Edition of the “Bluebook” known as the authoritative reference work on “legal citation.”
J. Walker's Home Page, Georgia Southern University
The reigning authority on electronic citation has provided many of her papers and guides here. My personal favorite is her impressive Online Citation Guide written for the Longman English site. She also has the best guide to finding and evaluating Internet sources here.
MLA Style - Modern Language Association of America
Straight from the horses mouth, “these guidelines . . . are the only ones available on the Intenet that are authorized” by the MLA.
Online! Citation Styles
A chapter from the book Online! A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources by Andrew Harnack and Eugene Kleppinger (Bedford/St.Martins). Separate pages devoted to MLA, APA, Chicago, CBE styles for many different electronic sources.
Sarah Byrd Askew Library - Citing Electronic Resources
Based on Li & Crane's book (1993 edition). Some may find the table organization of this APA style guide easy to use.
Uncle Sam - Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications
Guidelines by the Government Publications Department, Regional Depository Library, The University of Memphis that provide "examples of the most common examples of government document citations. These examples are based on the Chicago/Turabian standard bibliographic style and not reference-list form. You may need to modify the citation to conform to the manual/form you are required to use."
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