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Journalism Resources - Compiled & edited by Karla Tonella, University of Iowa

Over 40 annotated pages of resources compiled for support of academic journalism departments and professional journalists.

Journalism - General, Mixed and Organizational Resources
Associations, news archives, other journalism resource sites and miscellaneous goodies.
Working Journalist's Resources
Information sources, reference, statistics & science, government, economic & policy links ...
Working and writing for World Wide Web publication
Gender and Race in Mass Communication
A large index of links to resources in these categories: African American, Asian American, Assorted Gender & Media links, Cyberspace, Feminist Media, Indexes and Directories, Latin American, LesBiGay, Native American and other Indigenous Peoples, Print media, Television & Film, Other Media
Media Law Resources
• General Resources in Communication and Media Law,
• Copyright, 1st Amendment and Freedom of Expression,
• Censorship Resources,
• Privacy (especially in relationship to computers),
• Telecommunication Law, Regulation and Policy,
• Cameras in the Courtroom,
• Hate Speech Resources,
• Journals, Listservs and e-Magazines
News Sources
International and national newspapers, broadcast organizations and other news sources.
Journalism Magazines Online
Annotated list of links to online versions of journalism magazines and journals
Journalism Teaching Resources on the Web
A collection of online teaching resources not dependent on a specific syllabus or class.
Listservs and Online Newsletters
Barbara Croll Fought's "Newhouse Net Lists" - E-mail discussion groups for journalists and mass communication.
Searching and Information Guides
How-to guides, Evaluating Content, Search Engines, Specialized Searches & Meta-search sites, Directories and Portals and Web Review Services.
Schools and Colleges
Links to selected journalism schools with a significant online presence. Some link to all known schools on the Internet
Journalism Job Resources
Links to various sites offering journalism job listings.
Citation Style Guides for Electronic & Internet Sources
An annotated collection of links to the best and most up-to-date citation guides that show how to properly cite resources from the Internet. Style guides for APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, BSE, styles and a description of how to cite references from Lexis/Nexis.
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This page last updated May 9, 2009