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African Women Global Network (AWOGNet)
is based in the Center for African Studies at Ohio State. Its goal is to link individuals, institutions, and nongovernmental organizations involved in improving living conditions of women and children in Africa. AWOGNet's primary focus is on educational support, but it will also encourage agricultural projects, services for refugees and orphans, and professional development programs for women.
Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL)
The Center's goals are to: Build internationl linkages among women in local leadership that enhance their effectiveness, expand their global consciousness and develop coordinated strategies for action; Promote visibility of women and feminist perspectives in public deliberation and policy-making globally; and Increase participation of women in national and international governing bodies and processes.
Feminism and Globalization: The Impact of the Global Economy on Women and Feminist Theory
Indiana University's Global Legal Studies Journal,  a bi-annual "peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersections of global and domestic legal regimes,markets, politics, technologies, and cultures," is highlighted by a symposium issue each fall. This symposium concerns feminism and globalization of market forces, and contains seven articles (full text).
International Gender, Science and Technology Information Map
Many WID resources at this site "developed by Sophia Huyer of the Women in Global Science and Technology Network
(WIGSAT) at the International Federation of Institutes for Advanced Study (IFIAS). WIGSAT facilitates policy research and collaboration on issues in gender, science and technology policy, at national, regional, and international levels."
Live Chat on Sinai Bedouin Women with Ann Gardner
A transcript from a Scholar's Hall Conference, a "live" chat on AOL. The guest is Ann Gardner who is a specialist in Sinai Bedouin women.
Reproduction Crisis:
Women and Structural Adjustment in the Caribbean an interview with Peggy Antrobus."...wherever structural adjustment has been implemented it has led to greater polarization between rich and poor and an increasing burden of labour being placed on women in particular..."
Reflections on Sinai Bedouin Women
Ann Gardner is a social anthropologist working in the Middle East. You will find links to various women in development sites here as well as occassional postings from her upcoming book Beneath the Veil: Bedouin Women of Sinai.
Third World Women Bibliography/Webliography: Women in Development
A page from a much larger site by Anacaona Makandal, this page is mostly bibliography with only a few webliography entries.
United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women
The Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) is responsible for servicing the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the main UN policy-making body for women. It also services the Committeeon the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), which monitors the implementation of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, a human rights treaty for women.
WIDNET (Femmes & Développement-Women & Development)
Updated daily. Directories of WID resources, databases, regional information, WIDNet magazines, statistics, various documents.
Women in Development: IBADS
A gopher site for the Information Bank on African Development Studies that provides summaries of projects concerning women's legal status, financial and enterprise development among the women of Africa, and a policy framework paper on gender development planning.
Women's Environment & Development Organization [WEDO]
Their stated purpose: To foster women's leadership and advocacy skills to transform women's concerns about the environment, development, population and gender equity into actions, programs and policies in countries around the world, with women as active and equal participants in decision-making in both the governmental and non-governmental arena -- from the community to the international level.
Women of Africa Resources
Information, bibliography, syllabi, links and other resources on African women compiled by Candice Bradley, Lawrence University.

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