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Department of Education The department offers many resources related to the Paige Commission and developments with Title IX.
• Search for this article: Title IX: 25 Years of Progress (June, 1997).
• See if your school is in compliance by viewing EADA reports.

Office for Civil Rights (OCR): View a listing of where to call or go if you feel you have a discrimination complaint. Also visit “Sex Discrimination/ Title IX” in the OCR’s comprehensive reading room for a complete list of resources.

United States General Accounting Office (GAO): The GAO works for Congress and the American people by studying programs and expenditures. Two important studies include:
• Intercollegiate Athletics: Four-Year Colleges’ Experience Adding and Discontinuing Teams, GAO 01-297, March 8, 2001.
• Gender Equity: Men’s and Women’s Participation in Higher Education, GAO 01-128, Dec. 2000.

National Resources

The Chronicle of Higher Education The Chronicle's database for gender equity keeps tabs on institutional spending, and currently lists figures from the 1995-6 school year through 2002-3 in this searchable reference tool.
• See the Chronicle's listing of relevant articles and arguments on the Title IX issue.

United States Olympic Committee The USOC's mission is to preserve and promote the Olympic ideal as an effective role model for all Americans.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association The NCAA is a voluntary association of 1,200 colleges and universities, athletic conferences and sports organizations devoted to the sound administration of intercollegiate athletics. Its goals are to promote student-athletes and college sports through public awareness, protect student-athletes through standards of fairness and integrity, prepare student-athletes for lifetime leadership, provide students with funding to help meet those goals.
NCAA Gender Equity / Title IX Resource Site Includes links to Title IX Facts, FAQ's, Title IX seminar materials, Gender Equity Reports, Resource Materials, Achieving Gender Equity, and EADA forms.

The National Women’s Law Center The NWLC's mission is “to protect and advance the progress of women and girls at work, in school, and in virtually every aspect of their lives.
Suggested articles to read: “Check It Out: Is the Playing Field Level for Women and Girls at Your School,” “Title IX and Men’s Minor Sports: A False Conflict,” “Quick Facts on Women and Girls in Athletics,”and “Hot Spots for Title IX Athletics.”
• Check out resources from Title IX's 30th birthday.

The Women’s Sports Foundation is a charitable educational organization dedicated to ensuring equal access to participation and leadership opportunities for all girls and women in sports and fitness.
• Check out resources to "Grade Your School," begin a letter-writing campaign, utilize the Title IX library, and report props for gender equity at your school from the "Geena Takes Aim" entry point.
• If you need to discuss a situation confidentially, the WSF offers a free Advocacy hotline at (800) 227-3988.

Save Title IX. This web site is a bipartisan project of National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education with a web site where citizens can communicate directly with President George W. Bush and Congress about the need to preserve Title IX.
• Download the Minority Viewpoint from the Commission on Opportunity in Athletics.

Title IX - I eXercise My Rights. This website is an educational tool offering factual information in 10 areas of the law including: Higher education, athletics, career education, education for pregnant and parenting students, employment, learning environment, math and science, sexual harassment, standardized testing and technology. The website is part of a public service, informational campaign designed to educate the public with Title IX facts.
• Visit the Title IX store to help spread the word.

National Association for Girls and Women in Sport. Visit “Issues and Actions".

National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators The NACWAA is a membership organization dedicated to providing educational programs, professional and personal development opportunities, information exchange, and support services to enhance college athletics and to promote the growth, leadership and success of women as athletics administrators, coaches, professional staffs and athletes. Refer to "Title IX/Gender Equity" link.

National Coalition for Girls and Women in Education The NCWGE's goal is to provide leadership and ensure equal access to education in the nation through enforcement of civil rights.
• Read the Title IX Executive Committee Summary.
• Title IX at 30: Report card on Gender Equity.
• Executive summary for the Paige Commission.
• View NCWGE resources.
Read how 100 groups lobbied Congress recently.

ACLU Freedom Network An informative site which contains a comprehensive array of documents, news releases, legal briefs, and Congressional memos on all aspects of the ongoing struggle to protect civil liberties. 

Feminist.com A site that provides information for women: what's new, resources & links, articles and speeches, women's health issues, activism, women owned businesses, etc. 

Laboratory for Leisure, Tourism and Sport A free list of references provided by the University of Connecticut on a variety of issues related to sport, including sport and education, sport law, sport and gender, gender issues in sport, and more. 

Women in Sports by Jan Meyer

Women's Sport International An international organization dedicated to bringing about positive change for women & girls in sport & physical activity. 

High Schools

High School Participation Numbers (1971+ ), National Federation of State High School Associations. Look under "Survey Resources."

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Evaluations of equity in Washington Schools.

National High School Coaches' Association

California Interscholastic Federation A site organized for the operation of high schools sports for member schools in California.

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