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Dr. Christine H.B. Grant travels the country speaking about the effects, trends, and progress made with Title IX every year. She has the most up-to-date statistics and information and is viewed as one of the most respected scholars and activists on the issue. Featured in this presentation are numbers related to NCAA gymnastics, football and swimming participation, deficit spending and reported income by Division-I institutions, and the proposed effect of eliminating Title IX on women. Because of Dr. Grant's vested interest in Title IX and its implications, she uses verified materials from scholars and federal and national institutions. All numbers, tables and charts are cited with sources outside of the University of Iowa and are not the property of Dr. Grant. She provides a service of dissecting this third-party information and presenting it in a way that universities, students, and administrators can understand in the hopes that this information will help push Title IX and its progress ahead.

Download the powerpoint presentation here.



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