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Some 200 years in the future, when Earth's population is forced to live in space stations, a woman (Debrah Farentino, "Equal Justice") organizes an expedition to a distant planet she believes could offer a new beginning. Clancy Brown ("Highlander"), Antonio Sabato Jr. ("General Hospital") and Jessica Steen ("Homefront") also star.

Devon Adair (Farentino) has a personal stake in the mission's success. The new planet could offer hope for Ulysses (Joey Zimmerman), her physically impaired son, and others like him who cannot survive the stations' sterile environments. Adair ignores government orders, assembles a crew and embarks for a pristine planet 22 light years away. But when the team crash-lands and its equipment is destroyed, the colonists must begin an arduous trek to find the one place on the planet that can sustain a large civilization. Along the way, the crew members encounter obstacles ranging from menacing and beguiling creatures, to mystical occurrences. They also face constant internal conflicts that threaten to tear the group apart as the voyagers struggle for survival.

Adair's team includes crack mechanic John Danziger (Brown) and his inquisitive pre-teen daughter, True (J. Madison Wright); Dr. Julia Helter (Steen); the cyborg Yale (Sullivan Walker); Alonzo Solace (Sabato), a gifted space pilot; and the conniving government liaison Morgan Martin (John Gegenhuber) and his young wife, Bess (Rebecca Gayheart).

"EARTH 2 is a big, sprawling adventure series that borrows from the same school as the 'Indiana Jones' and 'Star Wars' movies," says creator/executive producer Michael Duggan. The trek of our characters is analogous to America's movement westward when the wilderness was settled. We are suggesting - without preaching - that this is mankind's future and that if we're smart, we won't make the same mistakes again."

EARTH 2 is a co-production of Amblin Television and Universal Television. Duggan ("Law & Order"), Carol Flint ("China Beach") and Mark Levin ("The Wonder Years") are the executive producers/creators. Tony To is the supervising producer.

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