Earth 2: A Gaian Hypothesis - by Karla Tonella - University of Iowa
This is a journey about second chances, an adventure clear across the galaxy to a new world... a journey to Earth 2.
--from MCA/Universal's Earth2 home page (now closed)

"EARTH2 is a big, sprawling adventure series that borrows from the same school as the 'Indiana Jones' and 'Star Wars' movies," says creator/executive producer Michael Duggan. The trek of our characters is analogous to America's movement westward when the wilderness was settled. We are suggesting -- without preaching -- that this is mankind's future and that if we're smart, we won't make the same mistakes again.

--from MCA/Universal's Earth2 home page (now closed)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Synopsis
3. Characters, Themes and Conflicts
Ulysses Adair
The Council and Julia Heller, M.D.
John Danziger vs. Devon Adair
Devon and Yale
Alonzo Solace
Martin and Bess Morgan
True Danziger
4. Gender Relationships
5. The Gaia Hypothesis
6. Symbiosis
7. Evolution
8. Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft
9. Conclusion
10. References


1. Various newspaper reviews
2. Fan Fiction
3. Episode Summaries
4. Other Earth 2 web pages
5. Selected text and images from closed "official" web pages
6. Production Information
7. Acknowledgments