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EDEN PROJECT PROFILES We've intercepted these in-depth profiles on the Earth 2 "aliens."

(Debrah Farentino) is the founder and catalyst for the entire Eden Project -- an expedition to a settlement on a previously unexplored Earth 2. Though largely neglected by her parents, Devon grew up wealthy. At a young age, she became a prominent developer of space stations. Her success served to increase her wealth exponentially. In her mid-20's, Devon gave birth to a child -- a boy she named Ulysses. Ulysses turned out to be a very sick child, afflicted with a little-known disease that has come to be known as The Syndrome. Because of her son's illness, Devon's lifework changed from building space stations to finding a cure for her son.   Devon is the moral center of Earth 2 .

(Clancy Brown) will initially appear to be a background player, but through the course of the pilot, he will emerge as one of the charismatic leaders of the ensemble. Danziger is the mechanic for the spaceship that embarks on the Eden Project. In this highly technical age, the need for a machanic is almost obsolete. However, once on Earth 2, Danziger's knowledge and skills will become valued in a way they had never been before. Time and time again, our characters will turn to him for his strength, his common sense and his forthrightness. He and his 10 year old little girl have become strongly bonded -- Danziger has raised his daughter alone.

(Antonio Sabato, Jr.) How old is Alonzo? Your guess is as good as any. Though he looks to be in his twenties, he was actually born more than seventy years ago. Alonzo is a pilot -- a real fly boy -- and he has spent the better part of the last seventy years in a cold sleep, flying one long interstellar mission after another. Alonzo was not planning to stay on Earth 2, but the crash onto the surface changed his plans. He is the only member of our ensemble to get seriously injured in the crash. For the course of the first few episodes, he will not be able to walk. His experiences on Earth 2 will make him frighteningly aware of a whole other level of his consciousness -- his dream state. This transition will not be easy for Alonzo. He is not used to being taken care of -- his relationship with Dr. Julia Stern will be fraught with tension and conflict.

(Jessica Steen) is our medical resource on Earth 2. Originally, she was to work as Dr. Vasquez's intern, but circumstances have left Julia to be the lead physician on Devon's ship all by yourself. Julia is a marvel of genetic enhancement. All of her attributes -- beauty, intelligence, strength -- were the product of genetic design. Julia was practically programmed to be a doctor. All these gifts are very nice, but they left Julia feeling almost like an orphan. While Devon is initially concerned that Julia is underqualified for their expedition, Julia will prove herself to be a great asset to the colonists throughout the course of the series... or will she?

(Rebecca Gayheart) is Morgan's wife. Instantly likable, she has the biggest, sweetest soul of the whole ensemble. Bess is a woman who grew up "on the wrong side of the tracks" -- she grew up on Earth. She is not really educated and a constant source of embarassment to the transparent career-driven, image-conscious Morgan. His ignorance of Bess' wonderful qualities cements Morgan as our most flawed character. But, somehow, Bess loves Morgan. On the journey across Earth 2, however, Bess' eyes will be opened to Morgan's limitations. For the first time, others will appreciate her big heart, her down-to-earth honesty, and her belief in old-time religion as a means of making it through the hard times.

(John Gegenhuber) is the most duplicitous of all our characters. His role in the Eden Project is to serve as the government liason to the Earth 2 expedition. But for whatever reason, we like Morgan. Maybe because he's so inept. Maybe because he provides comic relief. Morgan is the character who was most suited for the convenient lifestyle that a space station provides. As a result, he is the least capable of adapting to the "wagon train" lifestyle on the new planet. The very best thing you can say about Morgan is that he married a great woman -- unfortunately, Morgan doesn't even realize it.

(Joey Zimmerman) (Uly for short) has spent his entire life afflicted by The Syndrome. As a result, his childhood has been spent in the modern equivalent of a Plastic Bubble. Almost every experience he's had has been through Virtual Reality. Uly is a frail child who must be kept in sterile surroundings, needs constant medical care, and has pronounced difficulty breathing. He is a bright kid, precocious in his own way, and (like his mother) extremely well educated. When Uly arrives on Earth 2, his life -- and health -- are changed dramatically. He is able to breath and to run in the grass for the first time. His newfound health will be a positive reminder of why we journeyed to this new world.

(J. Madison Wright) is a really cool kid. Her adventurous spirit often takes her to where she does not belong. She's a tomboy -- and you would be a tomboy too if you spent most of your life surrounded by space sailors as she has. True's experiences have given her a ton of confidence. True and Uly will have a push-me-pull-you relationship. He will see her as the wild, even exotic "older" girl. She will see him as a pampered rich kid. Inevitably, the two will form an everlasting bond. True acts a lot tougher than she is. She feels the absence of a mother in her life, and will be looking for a suitable mother figure throughout the course of the series. The bond that she and her father share, however, is the central relationship in her life.

( Sullivan Walker) was born many years ago. After having committed a political crime in his 20's, his entire memory was "blanked" -- and his brain was implanted with a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge. He (and other prisoners like him) were made into a Teacher Class. Yale was originally Devon's tutor, but over time he has become her closest friend and confidant. Yale serves as a sort of father figure to Devon, and a grandfather figure to Uly. As various parts of Yale's human anatomy have aged of suffered trauma (i.e. his eyes, right arm) they have been replaced with robotics. As a result, Yale has become half man/half machine. Only Devon knows that, buried deep within his "Blanked" soul, there exists a man crying to get out. Throughout the course of the series, Yale the man will be allowed to slowly creep out and share some of his long lost memories and emotions.
This page was originally a part of the MCA/Universal official Earth2 homepage, now closed.
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