Earth 2 Production Information

Executive Producers/Creators:
Michael Duggan
Carol Flint
Mark Levin

Supervising Producer: Tony To

Coordinating Producer: John Melfi

Co-Producer/Writer: P.K. Simonds

Story Editor: Jennifer Flackett

Staff Writers:
Carl Cramer
Heather MacGillvray
Linda Mathious
David Solmonson

Episode Writers
Michael Duggan (First Contact; The Church of Morgan)
Carol Flint (First Contact; Water; Brave New Pacifica)
Mark Levin (First Contact; The Man Who Fell to Earth; A Memory Play; The Greatest Love Story Never Told )
Jennifer Flacket (Life Lessons; A Memory Play; The Greatest Love Story Never Told)
P. K. Simonds (Promises, Promises; Better Living through Morganite, Parts 1 & 2)
Carl Cramer (Natural Born Grendlers; Flower Child)
David Solmonson (Natural Born Grendlers)
Eric Estrin (The Enemy Within)
Michael Berlin (The Enemy Within)
Arthur Sellars (Redemption)
Sandy Smolan (Moon Cross)
Heather MacGillvray (Grendlers in the Mist; The Boy Who Would be Terrian King)
Linda Mathious (Grendlers in the Mist; The Boy Who Would be Terrian King)
Theo Cohan (After the Thaw)
John Harrison (Survival of the Fittest)
Robert Crais (All About Eve)
Scott Winant (First Contact)
Felix Enriquez Alcala (The Man Who Fell to Earth; Promises Promises)
Daniel Sackheim (Life Lessons)
Debora Reinisch (A Memory Play)
Michael Grossman (Natural Born Grendlers: After the Thaw)
Joe Napolitano (Water; The Church of Morgan; Brave New Pacifica)
John Harrison (The Enemy Within; Survival of the Fittest; All About Eve)
Joe Ann Fogle (Redemption)
Sandy Smolan (Moon Cross)
Jim Charleston (Better Living through Morganite, Part 1; The Boy Who Would be Terrian King; Flower Child)
Frank DePalma (Better Living through Morganite, Part 2)
Janet Davidson (Grendlers in the Mist)
James Frawley (The Greatest Love Story Never Told)

Director of Photography: Felix Alcala

Creature Designer: Greg Cannom

Production Designer: Victoria Paul

Art Director: Lee Mayman

Costume Designer: Deborah Everton

Set Designers:
Suzanne Feller-Otto
Maya Shimoguchi

Produced by: Co-production of Amblin Television and Universal Television
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