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AS@UVA Yellow Pages: Gender Studies
Selective, timely links to resources relating to Gender in America; general resources plus editors' selections of the most useful sites. Topics: Women's Studies Resoures, Family Studies Resources, Queer Studies Resources, Men's Studies Resources 
Border Crossings
An experiment in hypertextual relationships by Karla Tonella of the University of Iowa that explores the common ground between Cyorgs, Gender, LesBiGay, Dispora, La Frontera, Border Incidents and Other Borders. 
Chicana Feminist Homepage - Making Face, Making Soul
Created by Susana Gallardo, a doctoral candidate in the department of Religious Studies at Stanford University. A deserving winner of the "Lycos Top 5% of the Web" award. Chock full of substantive content and valuable resources. This site keeps its eye on other online news and magazine sites for stories on Chicanas -- from basketball players to an index of professors. That's the front page. Inside you will find poetry, literature, biographies and many more links to resources and other Chicana sites.
Exoticize My Fist (Asian-American Feminist Resources)
"I should explain why I --an already burdened feminist graduate student with multiple 'zines, articles, and other media projects in both development & production-- felt inordinately compelled to pick up the gauntlet and tackle this Xenian task (yes, I am a rabid Xena fan): I got annoyed. That is, I got exceedingly irritated trying to find rad Asian/American women's work on the web and figured everybody else must be sick of it too."
Gender and the Law
The menu is based on Katharine T. Bartlett, Gender and Law: Theory, Doctrine Commentary,   Little, Brown and Company, ix to xxvi (1993). There is nothing much there yet, but topics planned include: Foundations of Women's Legal Subordination,? Formal Equality as a Means of Assuring Women's Rights, Substantive Equality, Nonsubordination, Women's Different Voices, Autonomy, Non Essentialism. 
Gender-free Pronoun FAQ
Despite the title, the main subject of this document is not frequently-asked questions about gender-free pronouns, but instead is a general information source about gender-free alternatives to gendered pronouns. 
Gender Related Electronic Forums
Joan Korenman of the University of Maryland Baltimore County maintains the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of electronic discussions. Both listservs and Usenet newsgroups are covered. 
Internet Resources on Women: Updates
A frequently-updated, annotated listing of new and changed web sites offering information on women of particular use to educators and students. This site provides updates to Joan Korenman's book Internet Resources on Women: Using Electronic Media in Curriculum Transformation.
Minerva: Women & the Military
H-MINERVA is the H-Net discussion list devoted to the study of women and war and women in the military, worldwide and in all historical areas. Discussions are frequently about current events regarding women in and in relation to the military as well. Linked to The Minerva Center, an educational foundation and publisher of related books. 
National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women
A centralized source of  information on the resources available to help faculty and teachers incorporate the scholarship on women into their courses.
Nineveh On Line
Assyrian American Women's homepage. Clicking on "Who are we" takes you to a brief history of Assyrian people. A link to the Journal of The Assyrian Academic Society, newsletters, other resources. 
Pope John Paul II's Letter to Women
The Vatican text of the papal letter to women issued in preparation for the Beijing Conference. It is dated June 29 and released July 10 at the Vatican. (It's presence here should not, by any means, be considered an endorsment of its contents, the writer or the church.) 
Resources on Women and Gender (Rutgers)
In addition to rounding up all the usual suspects, Jane Sloan and her collegues provide an excellent selection of Reference Tools organized by archives, bibliographies, directories, encyclopedic sites etc. 
Third World Women Bibliography/Webliography
A site by Anacaona Makandal, is more bibliography than webliography at the moment, but I expect that will change over time. Categories: General, Art, Feminist Theory & Criticism, Film, Labour and Slavery, Lesbian and Bisexual, Literature, Music, Reproductive Rights and Women in Development.
University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Library 
Primarily bibliographic information with links to websites on women and gender including on-line newsletters and periodicals. Compiled by Phyllis Holman Weisbard, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. 
Voice of the Shuttle: Gender Studies Page
The "Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research" was woven by Alan Liu. of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Alternate Location in U.K
WMST-L File List
More than 90 files containing discussions from WMST-L, (WoMens STudies Listserv) essays, bibliographies, film reviews, and other information that Women's Studies faculty and students should find of great value. It contains 14 subject sections: Books and Films; Feminism(s) (including critiques); Feminist Theory/Theories; Girls and Young Women; Grad School/Job Market; Language; Men; Miscellaneous; Pedagogical Issues and Strategies; Program Administration; Race/Ethnicity; Sexuality/Sexual Orientation; Societal Issues in the Classroom; and WMST-L.
Women's International Electronic University
Modem delivered instruction in the following areas: (a) technological skills: courses that specifically teach and train women in the use of the computer and related technologies (b) living skills: health and wellness, parenting and caretaking, economic literacy, dealing with violence, agricultural knowledge.. (c)academic courses: writing and critical thinking, women's studies, social and political science, languages, literature, theology. Emphasis on courses that promote social analysis, communication and global awareness. (d)continuing education for workers and professionals: medical and social services, information science, business and leadership skills. 
Women's Studies: A Research Guide (New York Public Library) 
"The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library are one of the most important resource centers for Women's Studies in the United States. In addition to vast retrospective holdings relating to women, including manuscript and archival material, NYPL has a strong collection of current Women's Studies materials."
Women's Studies Programs and Research Centers
Links to more than 450 women's studies programs, departments, and research centers around the world. Annotations identify those programs offering graduate degrees or certificates.
Women's Studies Librarian's Office
Exhaustive lists of bibliographies of monographs and scholarly articles in women's studies. The site also offers core lists of women's studies books in print. 
Women's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites.
The University of Maryland Baltimore County maintains two very useful pages of women's studies pointers. One offers an alphabetical list of over 500 selected women's and gender related sites of all types. To make the list easier to navigate, it has also been divided by topic, including activism, arts and humanities, health, international, net info, science/technology, and sexuality, as well as a separate list pointing to over 450 national and international university women's studies programs and research centers. The second page provides an annotated collection of over 500 women's issues and gender studies email lists.
WWSSLinks Women's Studies Gender Studies Web Sites
Developed and maintained by the Women's Studies Section Collection Development Committee of the Association of College and Research Libraries, Topical pages: General sites, Archives, Art and Film, Culture (includes Literature), Education, Health, History, International, Lesbian Sites, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Science, Theology

Specialized Search Engines

Electronic Resources on Diversity 
African American, Asian American, European American, Latino/as, Middle Eastern American and Native American pages. 
Womens Studies Database
The most comprehensive site for academic women's studies resources, including syllabi, papers, film reviews, bibliographies, links to women's studies departments, the best compilation of women/gender/feminist/male studies listservs. Hosted by the University of Maryland.
Possibly the largest index of links to resources for and about women. Includes listings for content for women in arts, business, education, health, history, sports and more! Also includes random site selector, featured women profiles, and forum areas. Some feminist sites are purposely ignored because the sponsors want a "more corporate look." 
One of the resources left out of WWWomen because it is "a hotlist of feminist oriented links" It's stated purpose is "to provide women with a comprehensive, searchable directory of links to female-friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web." 

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