[page cut off: [illegible] taken soon out of their laps--
Then even the cinders they left behind them,
Then the parings ^cinders and soiled et rags they dropped as they went ^left us.
Even they continue on, and become new live fire, and
plentiful beautiful clothing.
(And that when [illegible words] spirit [illegible] go for every [illegible words] such happiness beyond
And that is the reason why no art or [illegible words] ^wit or temptation [illegible] can lures it ^[illegible] back to the flesh ^to the body body
                                  the spirit went far enough
Yet I cannot say, any more than you, what has become
of the young ^and old men,
Nor what has become of the women and children
[O]nly I am sure enough ^positive they are all alive and well
Because this grass tells me there is no such thing
as death.
[O]r if ever there was, it stood at the beginning ^preceded all ?primitive?
and does not wait at the end,
And ceased, the moment the first live thing began.
And that nothing [illegible] ^collapses, but all goes onward and outward
And that to die is not what what you supposed.
¶Have you supposed it good to be born?
I ^hasten to tell inform you it is just as good to die, [illegible] and I know it;
For I take my death with the dying,
[line cut off]