In the course of the windy path through the grass
And when once sp[illegible] go ^there went far enough to see
that happiness beyond
That is was the reason no wit or temptation can ever could
draw [illegible] them back to the ?body?
[T]enderly will I touch ^use you tressy grass,
It may be you effuse transpire from the breasts of young men--
It may be if I had known them I would have loved them.
?could? be
You sprout from dead babes ^infants [illegible] little ones taken soon out of their
mothers' laps,
And now you yourselves rest [illegible] ^are the mother's laps.

How can you be so dark?
Are you not from the white ^white blanched white heads of the ^old ^mothers of old mothers?
Are you not from the colorless beards of old men?
Are you not from pale red tongues and ^under the faint red roofs of mouths
[Cut off] now I know what you mean!
You do not come out of tongues and ^the roofs of mouths for not[hing]
[Y]ou would tell ^whisper now what is done to the young men,
[Line cut off: ?and to the old men????]