"Earth 2: Interactive Broadcast Companion" Text lifted from the "official" Earth 2 web pages
run by MCA/Universal. They removed the Earth 2 pages after NBC canceled the series.


THE VEHICLES: The TransRover, SandRail, and ATV are all electric-powered vehicles with solar and generator-tied recharging capabilities. All three are voice and manually operated, and were designed for mining chores on Earth and other planetary bodies with similar gravitiations.

THE JUMPERS: Special binoculars with digitized optics, these are so named because of their ability to "jump" between different magnification powers.

THE DIAGLOVE: This specially designed diagnostic and surgical tool fits over the hand and allows trained medical practitioners to assess systemic functions in the body down to the molecular level. It uses a combination of sonar, magnetic resonance, and spectral imaging in conjunction with a pre-programmed medical learning chip. In addition, the glove provides basic surgical assist functions. It can make laser incisions as well as "stitch" and cauterize wounds.

THE HOLOGRIP: Yale's integrated robotic arm functions like a normal arm, but also contains a holographic projection system that activates when his hand is opened and pointed upward and the proper commands are given.

THE MAG-PRO: This heavy weapon fires variable bursts of "magnetic projectiles", concentrated electro-magnetic vortices with tremendous velocity and impact.

GEAR: These communication devices enable users to speak to and see each other via microvideo feeders placed alongside the viewing lenses. Fractal processing enables the gear to correct for distorted perspective, so that each party appears normal to the other.

VR GEAR: When normal gear is enhanced with the addition of an eye bar, information is fed aurally and optically to the brain in special organic codes that permit the experienced user to create sensorily complete virtual reality environments in the mind. These environments adjust according to conscious variations in the brain's electromagnetic aura which the eye bar can sense and interpret.

We've dispatched a covert team to Earth 2... Their mission: obtain more close-up images of Earth 2 Technologies...

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