Episode Summaries

First Contact (Day 00) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
The two-hour premiere in which the Eden Project makes it's 22-year journey to the planet G889. All personnel are put into "cold sleep" and are awakened just before planetfall. There is a major equipment failure which forces the advance party and the ship's crew to abandon ship. They crash land on the wrong side of the planet. Eden Advance is supposed to prepare the way for the slower colonist ship filled with 200 families, due to arrive in two years. They cannot stay where they are but must travel half-way across the planet to the meeting place, dubbed "New Pacifica." This is also the episode in which Alonzo first encounters Terrians in the dreamplane; Ulysses is taken by the Terrians and returned healed; True befriends a Koba; Commander O'Neill is buried in the Eden Project's first funeral.
The Man Who Fell To Earth (Day 3) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
The party meets Gaal, who claims to be an astronaut who crashed on the planet 15 years ago. Gaal befriends True, but the rest of the Eden Advance party grows more and more suspicious of him. Morgan is attacked by a frightened Koba and collapses like Commander O'Neill. Gaal tells them not to worry, he is only in a day-long coma. Everyone realizes they have buried Commander O'Neill alive and they rush back to his grave. It is empty. Gaal says Grendlers must have dug it up. Later, he offers to contact the Grendlers for information about O'Neill. The party meets its first Grendler when Gaal summons one with a whistle. He says the Grendlers will return O'Neill for some power generators and the trade is made. O'Neill returns and quickly grows suspicious of Gaal. The next day he follows Gaal to his hideout and Gaal commands his Grendlers to kill him.
Life Lessons (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
The colonists' distrust of Gaal grows. Danziger discovers sabotage of one of the vehicles. Gaal brings cargo containers from the crashed ship, which Gaal claims he obtained from Grendlers. One container holds frozen canisters, and Julia opens one to let the contents mature. It turns out to be a foal, which matures rapidly into a full-grown horse. Uly and True fight over horse. Alonzo, disturbed by his dreams and unused to being out of cold-sleep this long, grows more and more depressed. Gaal plays on True's discontent to woo her more to his side. He tries to obtain the code to unlock the vehicles from her, but Danziger has changed them. Yale searches his database for information about Gaal but finds the records locked. Danziger kicks Gaal out and warns him not to come within a 100 miles of the Eden group .
Promises, Promises (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
The colonists experience rain for the first time. Uly begins to grow sick again and has to be put back into his immuno-suit. In the dreamplane Alonzo learns that Uly's well-being is connected to the Terrians who need their help. The group makes a detour to the mountains where the Terrians are. True thinks Gaal can help with his "magic" and summons him with the whistle he gave her. When she tells him that the Terrians called them here he realizes that some of them have escaped him. He has been enslaving them with electric collars. When True sees what he has been doing to them, she resolves to help defeat him. After a shoot-out, the Terrians, who have been released, pull Gaal down into to the ground, presumably to his death. Uly grows healthy again.
A Memory Play (Day 21) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Morgan sees Grendlers everywhere, but no one else sees them. Everyone is on edge, many bicker and fight as they seek someone to blame for the crash. True screams as she stumbles upon a fresh grave. They find two of Danziger's long-time mates fatally ill with a highly contagious virus. One effect of the virus is to bring back vivid memories. After Morgan accidentally splatters Grendler spit all over Julia's experiments, she discovers that it may be a veritable pharmaceutical factory. Indeed, she is able to affect a cure, but it is too late for Wentworth and Fierstein. An autopsy of Wentworth reveals an implanted motivation-chip which has interacted with the planet to cause the virus that then mutated. The motivation chip caused Wentworth to sabotage the ship and cause the crash, but she was never aware that she and done it. Julia checks in for the first time with the council's representative, Reilly.
Natural Born Grendlers (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Eden Project is running low on food and Morgan indulges himself in virtual reality. Alonzo's depression worsens and he takes a vehicle and tries to drive it off a cliff but the Terrians stop him. He encounters an old flame in the dreamplane who helps him come to terms with his life on the planet. Bess makes friends with a Grendler and trades Morgan's VR gear for fruit. Devon and Yale encourage her to make other trades. The grendler has a large stash of equipment. Morgan convinces her to get his VR-gear back and she makes a necklace out of spoons and other shiny objects that the Grendler loves and she also gets a geo-lock, a prospector's claim-maker.
Water (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Water is closely rationed, the situation is growing worse. Danziger and Adair take the dune rail to search for water. The Terrians feel threatened when Danziger and Adair get too close to their source of power. They zap the pair with their lightening staffs and tie them up. Back at the camp, Alonzo and Julia make an uneasy beginning on a relationship. In the meantime, Danziger and Adair manage to untie themselves and continue their search for water. Dangerously dehydrated, they find a lake but it dissolves their canteen. They see Terrians dipping their lightening staffs into the lake, recharging them. They continue their search but Danziger collapses. Adair continues on her own and finds the dune rail where the Terrians had moved it. She discovers water under its wheel. The Terrians find Danziger and squeeze the water from a cactus into his mouth reviving him. The episode ends with a joyful water fight among the colonists.
The Church of Morgan (Day 38) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Julia watches as Uly, who's DNA has been changed by the Terrians discovers he can plunge his arm into the ground. Bess consults Yale, hoping he can hear her confession. She feels she has cheated on Morgan even though it was only in her imagination. When she tries to discuss it with Morgan he freaks out. He and Bess separate and he makes a pest of himself trying to find out who the other man is. Julia enters VR and tells Reilly that Uly is exhibiting Terrian traits. Reilly tells her the change is centered in the pineal gland and instructs her to harvest it so they can study it. Julia agrees to test Uly's spinal fluid but resists the idea of harvesting his pineal gland. Finally, she gives in and after sedating the camp guard, Devon and Uly, takes Uly to an operating site she has set up away from camp. She begins the incision when a Terrian appears, morphs into Alonzo, holding a heart in his hand. He tells Julia that if she harvests Uly's pineal, they will all die because Uly has become an important link to the evolutionary changes they will have to undergo to survive on the planet. In the meantime, Bess finds Morgan using VR to have an all-important conversation with her now-dead father. Touched, she makes up with him and they decide to renew their marriage contract. The episode ends as the entire Eden project enters VR to hold a formal 1940s style wedding dance.
The Enemy Within (Day 49) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
In narration we learn about Julia's background and ties to the council through her mother and her own council-sponsored genetic enhancement. Julia's loyalties are becoming more and more split. She tells Reilly she will inject Uly's DNA into herself -- that they don't need Uly, and she will make a better link. With each dose of Uly's DNA she grows more and more agitated. She is eventually discovered, and has a fight with Devon in VR The group search Julia's tent and her relationship with the council is exposed. They sedate her and decide to expel her from the group. The episode ends when Julia wakes up the next day and finds that she has been left all alone. The Eden Project, feeling badly, but justified in their decision continue on without her.
Redemption (Day 51) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Alonzo decides to go back for Julia. Devon halts the group to wait for him. He returns with Julia and is bringing her communication device as proof that she has completely realigned her loyalties. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Yale is hit by a bullet. Julia removes the bullet. They ask Julia to prove she didn't reveal their location to the council by talking to Reilly on VR gear with Devon listening in. Reilly tells her to dispose of the bullet as fast as she can. She throws it away from camp just before it explodes. It turns out the shooter is a ZED, a "zero emotional defects", similar to the Yale program but specialized for killing. Their job is to monitor the exiled prisoners who have been sent to the planet and gather information about them before they die. The group is able to defeat the ZED by fooling Reilly into revealing the ZED's Achilles heel (base of the neck in this case). In the end, Julia brings others into a VR meeting with Reilly where she declares her loyalty to Eden Project.
Moon Cross (Day 61) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
It grows colder and snows. Alonzo, in the dreamplane is asked if the boy is ready, but the Terrians don't say what for. Uly shows them a dome with a climatically controlled, and still functioning greenhouse. Uly is vague about how he knows about "Mary's Garden." There are ghosts haunting the dome, of rebel Terrians, a child, and a couple, probably her parents. Alonzo is attacked on the dream plane by rebel Terrians and Mary comes to his rescue. Mary is a human who has been raised by Terrians, but with Alonzo's help remembers how to speak. The ghosts are Mary's parents who were killed by the rebels. The rebels have been ostracized and are not allowed to join in the yearly Moon Cross ritual. Mary teaches Uly how to speak the Terrian trilling language and fire a lightening staff. Uly becomes the peacemaker that affects a reunification between the outcasts and the tribe. He follows the Terrians into the misty pool in the Moon Cross ritual.
Better Living Through Morganite, Part I (Day 66) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Yale begins to act strangely. The group worries that his conditioning is failing as it did with other ex-criminals in the Y.A.L.E. program. The camp is awakened that night by an earthquake and lightening flashes. Checking out the place where lightening struck, Danziger and Magus find hot, glowing rocks. Morgan and Bess plan to stake a claim to the rocks with the geo-lock Bess got from the Grendler. Julia analyses the rocks and thinks they may be neural-like cells for the planet or some kind of communication network. Devon overhears people planning to take out Yale if he gets worse. Yale loses his temper with Uly and decides to exile himself as a danger to the group. Morgan sets of the geo-lock, freezing a kilometer of land and a Terrian who was in transit through the rocks. Just before the geo-lock is set to go off, Morgan discovers Bess's note that she's investigating rocks in the caves. He rushes out to find her. They encounter Yale in the caves. The petrification stops just short of where they are.
Better Living Through Morganite, Part II (Day 68) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Eden Project learns that the geo-lock has crippled a vital part of the planet, and disabled the dream plane. The Terrians hold Bess, Morgan and Yale and intend to execute them in retribution. Devon and Alonzo try to negotiate. Danziger plans a an armed raid. Yale offers himself as a sacrifice if the Terrians will let Bess and Morgan free. Mary shows Yale how to use the sunstones to learn the truth and he begins to regain his memory. Morgan tries to break the geo-lock's release code to reverse its effects. Julia discovers that the sunstones can decode the binary language of her scanner and thinks it should be able to help decode the geo-lock. It works. The land and the Terrian are revivified. Yale's memories come back and he realizes he is not a criminal, but was punished for disobeying orders to kill innocent people. Mary helps go free but is punished by the Terrians and she can no longer sink into the ground. Yale tries to convince her to join the humans but she runs off.
Grendlers in the Mist (Day 72) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary
Edenites track a Grendler through the snow in hopes of finding its stash of supplies and find a welcome supply of heavy winter clothing. People begin to have dreams of their mother or someone who feels like their mothers calling them. They begin to get transmissions on their communication gear from a woman named Dell Curry. She is pleading with her son Whalen to put aside the fire in his heart. Killing her is not the answer. The Edenites realize this is the mother they have all been dreaming of. They are fired upon, apparently by Whalen. Members of the group pursue, but can't find him. Both Dell and Whalen turn out to be holograms that have been running for 20 years.
The Greatest Love Story Never Told (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary

Brave New Pacifica (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary

After the Thaw (Day 109) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary

The Boy Who Would be Terrian King (Day 104) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary

Survival of the Fittest (Day 117) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary

Flower Child (Day 130) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary

All About Eve (Day ?) click HERE for Ariadne's scene by scene summary