My touch hand will not hurt what it holds, and
yet will devour it,
That it [?] must remain whole perfect before ^ me though I
enclose and divide it.
Only one minute, only two or three [passing] bulging [?] sheathed touches,
Yet they gather all of me and my spirit into
a knot,
They hold us [so] long enough there to show us what

life we can be,--
And that my ^ our [sensuous] flesh, and even a part of my our flesh,
is ^ seems more than ^all my ourmy senses and life.--
What has become of my senses?
One A Touch of a toy[?] of tassel, me has [unhaltered[?]] jolted down
all of them but feeling;
That He pleases the rest so, they have given
up to it, in submission,
They are all emulous to swap off for what
it can do to them.
Every one must ^ would swap off and go with him, be a touch,
Or else she will abdicate and nibble at the
edges end [?] of [illegible] him edges of me.--

[entire page cancelled]


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