A little sum laid aside for burial money--a few
clapboards around, and shingles overhead, on
a lot of American soil owned-- a few
dollars to supply the year's plain clothing
and food -- and what more? and then away; with these as for
me these are enough.
Prudence does not overleap itself. Prudence has interminable eyes, and rejects money,
What have you supposed Modern prudence ! . . moneymaking:
Abandonment of such a being as you are to
the toss and pallor of years,
To become be a doer of deceits, and underhanded
dodgings, infinitessimals of parlors ^ . . . . a
shameless stuffer while others starve,
Loser of all the bloom and odor of the earth,
and of flowers, atmosphere, sea, and of the
true taste of the women and men you pass
or have to do with in youth or middle
Receiver of the issuing sickness and revolt of the
close of a life without elevation or
Chatterer of the ghastly chatter of a death without
serenity or majesty