Fables, traditions and [illegible] formulas are not animate things;
Brick and mortar do not procreate like men.
All of them and all existing creeds grows not as much of God as I grow in my moustache
And I am myself waiting my time to be a God,
And I think I [illegible] shall ^do as much good and be as pure and prodigoius and do
as much good
as any,
And when my [illegible], I am, do you suppose it will please me
to receive puffs from pulpits or print?

You cannot go with ^go with your testaments among ten men without
wrangling and unbelief.
Go, with your logic and testaments among ten men
Five will be silent and doubt
Your Testment ^Doctrine [illegible] ^is received ^gets with empty belief ^consent or
mocking politeness
It [illegible] ^wriggles through the world ^mankind and hides under
The helmets and it is not beloved ^never loved or believed
The throat is not safe that speaks this ^it aloud.--
Yet I can take
I will take a sprig from of parsley and a budding rose
and go through the whole earth;
I know ^You shall I shall ^I will not find one heretic to ^against them.--
Can you say as much of your hieratic lore? ^all the lore of the priesthood?
[Entire passage cancelled]