[circled: over]
I know as well as you that the Bibles in ^divine revealtions of the
But I know say that every ^each leaf of grass and every ^each hair of my
breast and beard is a more developed ^also equally also a revelation
of God just as divine
But Do you stop there?
Have you no more faith than that?
Can you live in ^no such infinitessimal meanness as that.
Do you Would you bribe God ^the Lord Adonis with some stay change?
I disdain and denounce your shallow
I outbid you, shallow hucksters!
Such infirm
All you have ever said and done are ^pile up compiled composed is not august
I say that enough to endow a leaf of grass ^?dent? answer talk the partition of in my nostrils nose;
All the churches ever built ^now standing fail of were [illegible] ^well
I tell you employed in orisons to one a twig from
that are sprig of parsley;
All your ^caste have said ever said about Go narrated ^said
and about ^Belus [illegible] Osiris and God ^[illegible] Belus and Jehovah is a shallow description
for one man's soul, ^one of those framers ^over the way, framing the a house.--
I[illegible] ^claim there for in that ^each man [illegible] ^that fr
the young man ^there with rolled up shirt-sleeves and
sweat on his divine superb face, more than your craft
[illegible] three thousand years ago Kr[o]nos or Zeus his
[line cut off: Hercules [illegible]]
[Entire passage cancelled]