After all that can be is said and done
in the way of argument, the unanswerable
[illegible] the whole amount to a ^means but as is makes is but bubble of the
sea-ooze in compariosn with ^against that unspeakable
Something in my own soul, which makes me
know without being able to bell ^how it is how that I know or prove--
If I were oppossed by ^Though what I felt the science linguists
and lore of the whole earth deny what
I say, it amounts but to this: So it
seems to them.--I simply answer, So it
seems to me.--The greatest of thoughts and
truths, are not ^never to [illegible] be put in language ^writing or print.
They are not susceptible of proof like
a sun in simple multiplication.
    I [illegible] see myself struggling ^sweating
in the fog with the linguists and learned men.--
I look back upon that time in my own days.-- I have no gibes nor mocks
mockings or laugher-- I have only to be silent and to ^patiently wait.--