To be at all--what is greater ^better than that?
I think if there were nothing more developed,
the clam in its callous shell in
the sand, were august enough.--/

I am not in any callous shell;
I am cased with supple conductors,
all over;
They take every object by the hand, and
lead it within me.--

They are thousands each one with his entry
to himself;
they are always watching with their little
eyes, from my head to my feet.

One no more than a pencil ^point, [illegible] lets in
and out of me more bliss ^of me
that I thought the spheres
could carry
such bliss and magnitude, ¶ I think
I could then dash ^lift put the girder
of the earth ^a globe the house away if it lay between
me ^then and whatever I wanted.--
[To left of last four lines: My The]