190 You villain, Touch! what are you doing?
Unloose me, Touch! the breath is leaving my
Open you floodgates! you are too much
for me—
Fierce ?Grip? ^Grip'd Wrestler! do you keep your the heaviest
grip ^pull for the last?
                        the you with the worst spasms worst ^most fierce ^[illegible]
Will ^Must you sting me most bite with your teeth ^at parting [illegible]

Are you ^I [illegible words] ?plunged? ^you from the threshold
will ^Must Will you struggle ^[illegible] hardest ^worst then
all ^[illegible] before ? I plunge you from the [illegible]
Does it make you ache so to leave me.
Take what you like, ^only pass on resist I am faintish in I can contest you no [illegible]
think I shall drop sink
Take drops thy tears of my life soul, if that is
what you are after.
Only pass to some one else, for I
can will contain you no [illegible] nearer [illegible]
Only pass to some one else ^leap ^?to? [illegible] ¶Little as your mouth yo[erased] lips are
I am faintish I am faintish; and around me
[illegible] of [illegible] ?strength?