*And to me each minute of the night and day is chock with something vital and visible as
vital live as flesh is
ins in here page 34 And I say the stars are not echoes
And I perceive that the salt marsh sedgy weed has delicious refreshing odors;
And potatoes and milk afford a fit breakfast dinner of state,
And I dare not say guess the the bay mare is less than I chipping bird mocking bird sings as well as I.
because although she reads no newspaper; never learned the gamut;
And to shake my friendly right hand governors
and millionaires shall stand all day,
waiting their turns.

And on to me each acre of the earth land and sea, I behold exhibits to me
perpetual unending marvellous pictures;
They fill the worm-fence, and lie on the heaped stones
and are hooked to the elder and poke-weed;
And to me each every minute of the night and day is filled with a [illegible] joy.

And to me the cow crunching with depressed head surpasses is an a
every perfect and plumbed statue; grouped
[illegible line]