Online Searching and Information Gathering

How-to Guides

Boolean Searching on the Internet
A primer in boolean logic from the University at Albany Libraries
How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web
Sherry Dedecker and Patricia Cruse, librarians at the University of California, San Diego have prepared an online interactive tutorial called "How to Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web. Each module has an explanatory section, links to sites, and a set of questions and answers.
Lexis/Nexis Tutorial - From the Johns Hopkins University, for the Academic Universe version
Lexis/Nexis Tutoria - Legal Literature - From the University of Toronto - Ted Tjaden, author..
Using Lexis/Nexis - From SUNY Morrisville, for the Academic Universe version.
Researching Companies Online
A tutorial and a series of pages with recommended sites for obtaining specific kinds of information like telephone numbers, financial information and high-level company information.
Web Search Strategies
A tutorial by Debbie Flanagan, a Houston-based Internet trainer. A good place to start if you are new to Web searching, or if you have never had a systematic introduction to search strategies. Even if you think you already know how to search you may find techniques or tricks you don't know. Very well written, no wasted words here.

Evaluating Web Site Contents

Major Search Engines

Specialized Search Engines

Listserv and Newsgroup search engines

People Searches (phonebooks)


Image Searches

Software Searches

Meta-Search Engines

Directories and Portals

Web Review Services

Internet Scout Project
One of the premiere review services, and one of the oldest. The focus is more academic than commercial or entertainment. Sites are carefully evaluated and well described. You can subscribe and receive regular e-mail postings of the latest additions, or browse the database on the Web. There are three reports issued: The Scout Report for Science & Engineering - The Scout Report for Social Sciences - The Scout Report for Business & Economics
Lycos Top 5% of the Web
You have probably noticed the Top 5% award on some of your favorite Web sites. Started by the Point Foundation and now run by Lycos, the Top 5% staff review sites based on three criteria: content, design, and overall experience. Many times the links pages on Top 5% sites are great starting places for a topic.