Reference Compendiums - large reference lists

Barbara's News Researcher's Page  
Extensive, some links annotated, some not. Barbara Gellis Shapiro covers areas many other reporter's and research sites don't like the arts, education and home gardening as well as more predictable categories like government, business and the military.
CAR/CARR Links Page
Compiled by Dean Tudor Professor of Journalism, RICARC: Ryerson Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting in Canada Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada. As expected, the emphasis is on computer-assisted reporting so you will find many statistic sites and databases, but more general resources as well.
Columbia Journalism Review Resource Guides
An ongoing series of resource guides on a variety of topics such as: Covering Mental Health Issues, Covering Culture Wars, Reporting on Tobacco, Covering AIDS, Covering Health Care, and more.
European Journalism Page
Long list of data and information resources."This page is maintained by Stovin Hayter. It was created as a reference tool for journalists covering aspects of politics, business, culture and the Internet in Europe in response to suggestions by members of the CARR-L mailing list."
FACSNET A service for journalists by journalists
Provided by FACS in partnership with the San Diego Supercomputer Center - the primary sections are "Top Issues," "Reporting Tools," "Internet Resources," "Sources Online."
Guide to Electronic and Print Resources for Journalists
Compiled by Anne Stuart, Managing Editor, CIO Magazine, CIO WebBusiness, and CIO Enterprise.
Guide to Information Sources for Australian Journalists
From the University of Queensland
Hot News research links from Poynter Institute for Media Studies  
Poynter Institute takes the top issues of the day, about 4 or 5 in an average month, and gathers links to the most significant Web resources providing background illuminating the issue. Very selective, high quality.
Inetmedia Journalistic Resources
Especially rich in European resources.
Investigative Resources on the Web - WebGater
Links to motor vehicle departments, missing persons bureaus, vital records, medical examinor records. and more.
National Press Cllub Internet Resources for Reporters
A simple list of unannotated links, organized by type of information
Needle in a Haystack
Finding a starting place in this unannotated monster may be what the title refers to. Lots here though.
NewsLink (comprehensive links to news media)  
The American Journalism Review's version of a Web resource collection is called " Starting points for journalists" Other resources here include pages on news services - journalism organizations plus e-mail forums, commercial on-line services, publishers and academic resources - new-media newsletters plus media reports, marketing research and other lists of news sites - search tools plus WWW information and publishing aids.
NewsPlace for News and Sources Prof. Avi Bass, N. Illinois U.
News, entertainment, weather, sports, sources including: Government, activist, travel, corporate and Tools: Resource, reference, search, locator. 
Quick Reference - University of Texas at Austin
A long, but not annotated list of links to reference information in alphabetical order.
Reporter on the Web
David Feld, the editor of this site call it a ":Swiss Army Knife for reporters," an apt metaphor. The Geocities popup windows are just an annoyance that comes with free web space, just click them away and persevere. instructors of Internet research. Now it offers more than 250 pages of information about Internet resources and research strategies."
Virtual Chase: A Research Site for Legal Professionals
"It began as a means by which to disseminate articles and teaching aids to law librarians and other
WWW Virtual Library: Journalism
John Makulowich's massive list of journalism resources

Miscellaneous Resources

Disaster News Network
Sponsored by Church World Service, DNN provides "news and information about US disaster response and volunteer opportunities. The DNN news staff is located across the country, but meet regularly by telephone. All of the writers have previous wire service and/or daily newspaper experience. " According to director James E. Skillington, "What makes DNN unique is that [they] concentrate on looking for the human element in all of [their] stories."
Freedom of Information site (Society of Professional Journalists)
SPJ has created this Web site for journalists and non-journalists. This Web site contains valuable information and important links to sites that will help in your FOIA searches. It will also allow us to keep abreast of the news as the FOIA battles are fought.
Guest Finder
GuestFinder is an Internet-based directory of authors, experts, spokespersons, entertainers, and others who wish to announce their availability to the media as on-air guests or expert sources for news articles.
Lexis/Nexis Tutorial
From the University of Mississipi Libraries, for the Academic Universe version
Reporter's Digital How To Archive
A regular column in Editor & Publisher Interactive News Page by Charles Bowen.
Special Libraries Assn. News Division
" an international organization for print and broadcast news librarians, news researchers and others interested in the role information plays in quality journalism." 
Vanderbilt's Index of TV NEWS
An index to US news, and commentary. Covers NBC ABC and CBS since 1970 and 2 years of CNN (1990-1991).
Visual Journalism Home Page from the Poynter Institute for Media Studies
A set of pages dedicated to online journalism -- design, typography, interactivity, portfolios and seminars.

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