Internet Resources on Cameras in the Courtroom

Have cameras in the courtroom undermined the U.S. justice system?
January 20, 1998 - PBS Newshour Online Forum
Adversary System: Cameras in the Courtroom After O.J? - NO
By Charles A. Stillman New York Law Journal (p. 2, col. 4) October 16, 1995
Cameras in the Courtroom After O.J? - YES
By Richard D. Emery New York Law Journal (p. 2, col. 3) October 16, 1995
Television on Trial - The Economist, December 19, 1998
Should television be allowed into courtrooms? Their critics accuse the cameras of corrupting justice in America and plotting to do the same in any other country which lets them through the courthouse door. But there is a strong case for the defence. Here is a transcript of the camera°s day in court
Superior Court of Arizona MEDIA GUIDE
Arizona Supreme Court Rule 122 Electronic and Photographic Coverage of Public Judicial Proceedings
By: Hon. Brent V. Danielson District Court Judge Manistee, MI - Should the television camera be permitted in the Courtroom?
Court TV Casefiles
Pointing to what he described as the "circus atmosphere" of the Simpson murder trial, Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki banned the TV camera from the courtroom in the civil trial.
Journalism Meets Art by Katherine Krupp
Courtroom sketches convey subjective elements beyond the range of the camera. - ©WINTER 1998 MEDIA STUDIES JOURNAL
Oklahomans deserve camera in courtroom
A Denver Post Editorial
Online Newshour (PBS) January 20, 1998
TV JURY - Have cameras in the courtroom undermined the U.S. justice system?
Picturing Truth
A hypertext meditation on photography and truth. Links are not always obvious, they are frequently black text -- look for the hand shape of your cursor when it moves over a link. Images often linked.
Law school alum supports filming courtroom trials
By Andrew Cohen - Criticizing "freak-of-the-day" talk shows and "tabloid" news coverage, Steven Brill LAW '75, called for journalistic responsibility in a speech at the Yale Law School yesterday afternoon.
Cameras in the Courtroom - case study
It is the year 2001. John Smith is on trial in a federal court for his attempt to set off a homemade nuclear device. Although his bomb did not reach critical mass, radiation from the "fizzle" he produced has already killed several thousand people in Kansas City. There is some evidence that Smith intended to explode his bomb as a protest against what he saw as the dismantling of the Social Security system.
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