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Atlapedia Online
"Full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world. The 'Countries A to Z' section, provides facts, figures and statistical data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, economy & more..for each individual country. The 'World Maps' section, provides full color physical and political maps for regions of the world."
Country Studies - Library of Congress
Studies of 91 countries - "Most books in the series deal with a particular foreign country, describing and analyzing its political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions, and examining the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors. Each study is written by a multidisciplinary team of social scientists."
Euro Links
From The European Commission, links to Euro related sites in the following categories: European Union institutions, Member States' authorities, Central Banks, Business and professional organizations, Public bodies. See also: Euro homepage for basic information.
European Public Opinion
Public Opinion Surveys and Research Instruments - Eurobarometer Surveys on Opinions and Attitudes of Europeans - Europinion European Continuous Tracking Survey - Top Decision Makers Survey - Central and Eastern Eurobarometer - Eurobarometer data Public Social Science Data Archives.
European Journalism Page
Long list of data and information resources."This page is maintained by Stovin Hayter. It was created as a reference tool for journalists covering aspects of politics, business, culture and the Internet in Europe in response to suggestions by members of the CARR-L mailing list."
Global Beat
"This site is updated weekly by the Global Reporting Network, a program of the Center for War, Peace, and the News Media at New York University's Department of Journalism and Mass Communication." Areas covered: Balkan Conflicts East Asian Security EU Integration & Enlargement Middle East NATO Expansion Nuclear Weapons & Proliferation South Asian Security US Defense Policy
Guide to Information Sources for Australian Journalists
From the University of Queensland
Institute of War & Peace Reporting
The Institute focuses on the Balkans, the Caucasus and other areas in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The central aim is to support media development through practical assistance and concrete journalistic projects. Contents include: Balkan Crisis Reports, Yugoslav Media Monitoring, Caucasus Reporting, Hague Tribunal Update, and Special Reports.
International Center for Journalists
"ICFJ's International Journalists' Network is your electronic source for the latest on media developments in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Balkans, the Newly Independent States and Eurasia, and Africa."
International Monetary Fund
News Releases, Publications (full text in pdf format) Fund Rates, Data Standards, speeches & transcripts of press conferences.
Internet codes for Countries (domains)
Look up the country of origin for e-mail and Web addresses
A service provided by the United Nations -- a "two-step database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations."
"Mass Behaviour in Post-Communist Societies" - Centre for the Study of Public Policy
Be patient, connections to the U.K. can be very slow. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. "To monitor trends in public opinion in Central and East European societies the Paul Lazarsfeld Society, Vienna, created the New Democracies Barometer (NDB) in 1991...The NDB annually asks comparable questions of nationwide representative samples, and repeats key questions regularly to see how much or how little behaviour and evaluations change as people gain more experience of democracy and markets. There is a common core of questions about: economic behaviour and expectations; political evaluations; poverty; and such demographic measures as education, age and gender."
One World Global Calendar
Multi-cultural Educational Resource - International Festivals, Celebrations and Holy days
Red Cross - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Among the resources here: Maps, facts and figures, reports, news releases and publications on the countries (over 50) in which the ICRC is currently active. Issues and topics: Thematic information covering issues such as antipersonnel mines, blinding weapons, water and war. International Humanitarian Law: What it is, the texts, their application and analysis, together with a special section for armed forces. Access to the IHL database.
Statistical Databases for UN Research
"United Nations InfoNation: A rich information resource on country-wise statistical data on all UN related subject fields. Allows user, through a frame-based interface to select up-to seven of 185 countries and four of 37 variables. Retrieval for current year only, provides a snapshot view of country information." Maintained by the United Nations Pakistan - Virtual Library
South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development
(SPCenCIID) of the University of Papua New Guinea has taken on a pioneering role in development communication and research in the region. It combines the resources of journalism, library and information studies. It produces a range of publications and resources.
Stylebook for Covering South Asia and the South Asian Diasporam - South Asian Journalists Association
"Learn to tell your Hindi from your Hindu and much, much more … The stylebook we've assembled here is not so much a reference work as it is as a reminder--a reminder to journalists that covering the disparate South Asian communities challenges us to take our reporting and editing skills a step further. To transcend the assumptions, stereotypes and generalizations that normally make our jobs easier; to ask sharper questions; and to make our reports, written or broadcast, as specific and accurate as possible." Updated weekly.
United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN)
POPIN is a decentralized community of population institutions organized into regional and national networks in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Northern America.
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