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Business Information Sources on the Internet
This site is maintained by librarian Sheila Webber: "I aim to list useful Internet resources which contain company, business news, or market information, and also sites which provide significant guides to these types of resource. The list is selective, not exhaustive. It has a particular emphasis on European (and especially UK) resources. I do not list individual company sites (unless they have guides/information about companies etc. other than themselves)."
The Beige Book --Federal Reserve System
Published 8 times a year, the Beige Book summarizes anecdotal information on economic conditions through reports from "Bank and Branch directors a
"As members of the nation's business press, you now have a free online World Wide Web service which will connect you with leading experts around the country for your reporting, editorial and broadcast projects."
Corporate Watch
Corporate Watch is designed to provide journalists, activists and policy makers around the world with up to date information and analysis on social, ecological and economic impacts of transnational corporations.
Lycos Top 10% review: If U.S. government officials really are for sale, this is the general ledger. FECInfo is the single most comprehensive Website for finding campaign finance data. Run by a former Federal Election Commission employee, Tony Raymond, FECInfo delivers raw data and summary stats for Congressional campaigns since 1994, and individual contributions since 1980. Want to check how much Microsoft's PAC gave, and to whom? No problem. Did Kevin Costner really give $1,000 to...Phil Gramm? It's all here.
Euro Links
From The European Commission, links to Euro related sites in the following categories: European Union institutions, Member States' authorities, Central Banks, Business and professional organizations, Public bodies. See also: Euro homepage for basic information.
GRA Research Hotlinks
On site are 65 links to other websites for doing research in the field of international business and economics, including political risk, and also international affairs.
Industry Research Desk
"This web site provides tools for researching specific companies, industries, and manufacturing processes. For business researchers not yet familiar with the Internet, a brief "Introduction to the Internet" is provided."
International Trademark Association's Trademark Checklist
"This Trademark Checklist has been compiled … to assist authors, writers, journalists/editors, proofreaders and fact checkers with proper trademark usage. It includes listings for nearly 3,000 registered trademarks and service marks with their generic terms and indicates capitalization and punctuation."
Investigators Guide to Sources of Information
Provided by the General Accounting Office, Office of Special Investigations. "A useful investigative tool for identifying sources of information about people, property, business, and finance; includes Internet addresses wherever possible; includes a chapter on how to use the Internet to gather information valuable to the investigative process." --American Law Sources Online.
Labor Unions on the Web
This really the first page of a list of over 400 Web sites belonging to the Union Yes Web Ring. Put on your critical thinking cap, Web Rings are voluntary and sites are not critiqued so there is no quality assurance.. Some of these are individual union sites, some major directories, and some individual collections of labor union related resources.
PR Web
Among other things, a large collection of current press releases organized by industry. Also: discussion groups, contact lists of PR firms, how-to articles and links to various resources.
Researching Companies Online
A tutorial and a series of pages with recommended sites for obtaining specific kinds of information like telephone numbers, financial information and high-level company information.
Transparency International  and  Transparency International - USA Program
"A non-governmental organisation dedicated to increasing government accountability and curbing both international and national corruption." Among the resources at these Web sites are full texts of Working Papers and the "Corruption Perceptions Index", a "poll of polls" measuring public views of the extent of corruption in 85 countries
Who Owns What?
Media conglomerates covered by the Columbia Journalism Review with an article by Tom Goldstein, dean of Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism, and an updated list of ownership information.
Cornell University's School of Industrial Labor Relations and Human Resource Executive magazine. "Those interested in human resources, labor relations, benefits, training, technology, staffing, recruiting, leadership, motivation, insurance, relocation, legal issues and more, will make use of this valuable tool."
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