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Gender Equity
in Sports
Gender Equity in Sports is a resource for anyone investigating the state of affairs in interscholastic or intercollegiate sport. The content and data are primarily based on an ongoing project maintained by Dr. Mary C. Curtis and Dr. Christine H.B. Grant at The University of Iowa. These reports have been collected from newspaper articles, the Women's Sports Foundation, and personal references. Leads, updates, corrections, or suggestions are welcome, as changes are being made daily and in every area.

UI equity questionnaire available

Dr. Christine Grant and Amy Wilson created a questionnaire for use by the University of Iowa
Gender Equity Subcommittee during the NCAA Certification process in the spring of 2005. Please feel free to use or modify this questionnaire in your own preparation of department-wide gender equity data.
Cover letter, citation details
NCAA Gender Equity survey, University of Iowa

Title IX surveys criticized by NCAA, Myles Brand

In March of 2005, new federal guidelines were released that created an alternative way for colleges to be in compliance with the 1972 anti-discrimination law. Schools may now use an e-mail survey to show a fulfillment of requirements with Title IX, according to documents released by the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights. Insufficient interest among female students would indicate compliance under Title IX's third prong which includes a satisfaction of the interests and abilities of the historically underrepresented sex, a move critics say undermines the 33-year-old legislation.
• Coverage by USA Today on the issue
NCAA, Myles Brand and Executive Committee oppose the new clarification
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Looking for gender equity data?

FIND IT The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a searchable database with gender equity information on over 2,000 colleges and universities nationwide. Search for yours here.

Looking for Dr. Christine Grant's latest data?

DOWNLOAD Download the most recent compilation of gender equity data gathered from the NCAA, GAO and other researchers in Dr. Grant's power point located here.


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