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Selected Papers Since 1995

"'Literariness' In Our Digital Age: Reading New Media Writing."  Invited Lecture. Queensland University, Australia.  Summer 2006.

"'Literariness' In Our Digital Age:  Reading New Media Writing."  Invited Lecture. University of Waikato, New Zealand.  Summer 2006.

'Literariness' In Our Digital Age:  Reading New Media Writing."  Invited Lecture.  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Summer 2006.

Paper presented at the Association for the Study of Popular Music Annual Conference.  Charlottesville VA, 2004. "Invention and Surprise in Writing about Popular Music: A new Rhetoric"

Paper presented at the Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference.  Pittsburg, 2003. "Chapter and Verse."

Paper presented at MLA.  San Diego, 2003. "Whose New Media?"

Paper presented at the International Association of Popular Music Conference. Montreal, Canada, 2003.  "Writing Rock."

Paper presented at Associated Writing Programs Annual Conference, Baltimore MD, 2003.  "What's New about New Media Poetry."

Invited Speaker, Electronic Literature Organization, UC Santa Barbara.  2003.  "Archiving Digital Literature and Criticism."

Invited Panelist, The State of the Art of Electronic Literature, UCLA, Los Angeles. 2002. "New Media Journals and Archives."

Invited Keynote, Craft, Critique and Culture Conference, University of Iowa.  2002. "Collaboration and the Convergence of Literature and Art."

Paper presented at the conference "Crafting Sounds, Creating Meaning: Making Popular Music in the U.S.", Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA. 2002. "That's Me in the Spotlight: Popular Reception and Musicians' Autobiographies."

Paper presented at the Association of Internet Researchers Conference, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 2001. "New Media Literature and Art."

Invited Reading/Presentation, SUNY-Buffalo, 2001.  "Traditions: Print and Hypermedia Poetry."

Invited Reading/Presentation, Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Brown University, 2001. "Making Genius."

Invited Guest Speaker, Davis Symposium, Emerson College, MD, 2000. "New Media Writing."

Invited Guest, Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry, University of Iowa, 2001.
"Poetry, Traditions, Electronic Literature."

Paper presented at "Craft, Culture, Critique" Conference, Iowa City. 2000. "Popular Music Criticism, Popular Poetry Criticism."

Invited Guest Speaker on the topic of Web-based Curriculums and Internet Studies at Elon College and Grinnell College. 2000.

Paper presented to the Association for the Study of Popular Music, Toronto, 2000. "Jewel, Pop, the Web."

Paper presented at the Conference on Hypertext and Writing, George Mason University, 1996. "Joyce, Bartholomae and the Rhetoric of Assignment Making".

 Paper presented at the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Univ. of Denver, 1996. "Poetry, Music, Theories of Spatiality".

Paper presented at the International Association for the Study of Popular Music, Vanderbilt University, 1995. "Pop Values and The Production of Music-Related Internet Sites".

Visiting writer and poetry readings at various universities and colleges, including Brown University, SUNY-Buffalo, University of Iowa, Loyola College, MD; University of Illinois; Iowa State.