Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 15:41:31 -0700
From: (Tim Stanley)
Subject: Free Law Review Abstract Mailing Lists and Full Text Search Services of Articles


University Law Review Project

Below is information which you might find of interest. We at Stanford:

* have set up a full text searchable database of law reviews and law journals on the Internet. And,

* are setting up an e-mail subscription list of abstracts of current law reviews and law journals in 31 different legal categories. Each of the 31 areas are likely to be of interest to someone on this list. In particular the Intellectual Property list will be of interest.


To subscribe to the law review and law journal abstract lists please send an e-mail to More information is included in the announcement below. Both of these services are free for both academics and non-academics. I hope you find them useful.

All subscription requests should be sent to

You may redistribute this announcement electronically or in hard copy.

University Law Review Project

We are pleased to announce the University Law Review Project. The project currently provides two services, an e-mail abstract service of upcoming law review and journal articles and a full text search service of law journals on the Internet. The University Law Review Project's services are brought to you by FindLaw, an Internet community focused on law.

Conception of the University Law Review Project occurred when a group of law journal editors met at the Fifth Conference on Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference in Burlingame, California in 1995. FindLaw and the editors are dedicated to the distribution of legal information on the Internet and thus we have initiated these services.

These services are free for both academics and non-academics. These services and FindLaw's index to law on the Internet can be found by way of the FindLaw home page. The search engine used for the University Law Review Project's full text law index was made available by Verity Inc.; additional help was provided by the Stanford University Digital Libraries Project. It is our hope that providing free legal material on the Internet will be of great value to the legal and Internet communities. We think it is important that we use this new medium to expand the readership of law reviews beyond the academic community, while making it easier for members of the academic community to find articles that interest them.


Law reviews and law journals are working with FindLaw to distribute abstracts of their upcoming issues. Both academics and non-academics may receive copies of these abstracts in the areas of law that interest them.

We have 31 legal subject areas in which we will be e-mailing out abstracts. You may subscribe to as many or as few of the areas as you wish.

The 31 areas are as follows:

The 31 areas are as follows:

(01) Antitrust & Trade Regulation

(02) Banking Law

(03) Bankruptcy Law

(04) Commercial Law

(05) Communications Law

(06) Constitutional Law

(07) Contracts

(08) Corporation & Enterprise Law

(09) Criminal Law

(10) Cyberspace Law

(11) Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

(12) Entertainment & Sports Law

(13) Environmental Law

(14) Ethics & Professional Responsibility

(15) Family Law

(16) Government Benefits

(17) Government Contracts

18) Health Law

(19) Immigration Law

(20) Indian Law

(21) Injury and Tort Law

(22) Intellectual Property

(23) International Trade

(24) Judges and the Judiciary

(25) Labor & Employment Law

(26) Legal Theory

(27) Litigation

(28) Probate

(29) Property Law & Real Estate

(30) Securities Law

(31) Tax Law

To subscribe send an e-mail to Once you have sent the e-mail, an auto-reply will be sent back asking you which legal topic areas you are interested in receiving abstracts.

Please send requests to:

With each article abstract we will include the Internet URL location of the full text of the article (if available) and the hard copy subscription information for the law journal that the article appears in.

In the future we will also allow you to receive abstracts of individual law journals in addition to receiving the abstracts by subject area. We will send a notice to those receiving subject based abstracts when this additional service is available.

Law journals need not be on the Internet to have their abstracts included in this service. We do send out abstracts from law journals that are available only in hard copy. We include subscription information to the hard copy of all journals to help individuals who seek the full text of the articles.

There is no charge to law journals to be included in this service. We are also not limiting this project to the United States, and invite journals from throughout the world to join.

If you are with a law review or law journal that is not currently involved with this project and wish to be included, please send e-mail to for more information on joining the project.


To access the full text search of law reviews and journals on the Internet go to the main FindLaw page.

With the Verity Topic Internet Server we are able to maintain a full text searchable database of all law reviews and journals that are on the Internet. Currently there are over 35 law reviews indexed, including some that are only available by way of the Internet. The full indexing allows you to search all of the law reviews and journals on the Internet with one search. We offer Boolean and word proximity searches of the full text database. Law journals can be searched individually as well. The database is updated nightly.

We will be helping more law reviews and journals set up on the Internet in the upcoming months. We will also help them set up full text searching of their individual law journal as well as all of the law journals from their own home page.


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