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A Rising Tide of Web Sites that are Born of Hate
From the New York Times, March 18, 1999, this article by Michel Marriott describes the growth in the number of Internet sites espousing messages of hate. It decribes an interactive CD-report, Digital Hate 2000, by Rabbi Abraham Cooper that takes the audience through a guided tour of racists, anti-Semitic, and anti-gay Web sites.
FBI Hate Crime Report
Counteracting Hate Media -
Radio Netherlands Scroll down to the bottom of this page to gain access to the following web pages: Dilemma of Definitions - Hate Radio in Africa - Hate Radio in North America and the Caribbean - Hate Radio in Europe & Asia - Independent "Peace" Radio in Africa - Independent "Peace" Radio Other Parts of the World - Recent Initiatives by International Broadcasters. You may not recognize these list items as links, but if you roll your mouse over them you will see the "hand" cursor indicating their link status.
EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation) "Hate-speech & Discrimination" Archive
Hate on the Net: A Question of Rights / A Question of Power
Evelyn Kallen in Electronic Journal of Sociology (1998) "The author's analysis of racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic cyberhate messages will provide empirical evidence to support the thesis that, by manipulating deeply held invalidation myths to provide "evidence" for their arguments, high tech hate mongers incite virulent hatred of and harmful action toward targeted minorities."
Hate Speech on Campus  
American Civil Liberties Union Briefing Paper Number 16
Hate Speech and the Internet
By Alton Hornsby III and Annette Lowe Strong, students at the Georgia State University College of Law includes short case summaries with links to case details, a review of regulation in various states and finally a summary of state hate crime statutes.
Hate Speech Symposium: Protecting Rights, Protecting Hate?
Comparative American, Canadian and Israeli Approaches  
(Long text be patient while it loads.) Touro International Law Review, Volume 6, 1995  
Hate Speech: The History of an American Controversy
edited by Samuel Walker University of Nebraska Press publication. Table of Contents and Introduction is reproduced here.
Hate Speech: the Present Implications of a Historical Dilemma
by Floyd Abrams "Although there are numerous reasons for the high level of judicial consensus regarding the treatment of hate speech, there are five repeatedly expressed factors, or concerns, which I believe are at the heart of past interpretations and will continue to be at the heart of future interpretations. These five recurring factors are: (a) doctrine, (b) precedent, (c) prudence, (d) American political culture and (e) the high risk of suppressing any speech."
Hate Speech: The speech that kills
Ursula Owen - By the time the New York radio station WABC fired its most popular talk how host, Bob Grant, he had spent a good 25 years vilifying Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities with impunity.…
Hate Watch
"HateWatch is a web based organization that monitors the growing and evolving threat of hate group activity on the internet." No longer being developed but some content still here.
In Defense of Hate Literature (Sort Of)
By Pierre Lemieux "What is hate literature? Baudelaire did much hate literature. So did Marx. Is this Home Page hate literature? And what has the state to do in what we say or hear? " Reproduced as a Libertarian Alliance pamphlet.
Is There a Right to Hate Speech?
By Natan Lerner. The Human Rights Brief, Vol. 3 No. 2 - a publication of The Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Washington College of Law, American University.
Is Hate Young and New on the Web?
By Jean Winegardner, Online Journalism Review
Lawmakers Examine Cyber Hate Speech
From The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center --
Matthew Shepard Online Resources
The Religious Right and Anti-Gay Speech: In their Own Words - A collection of quotes by major religious right figures like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Paul Volle, Paul Cameron, The American Family Association, Rev. Fred Phelps, Sen. Jesse Helms, Laura Schlessinger and others.
Must a civil society be a censored society?
By Paul McMasters, First Amendment Ombudsman of the Freedom Forum Online, a nonpartisan, international foundation dedicated to free press and free speech. "Will the Internet prove to be an instrument of hate, a palliative to hate, or just a shift in venue? The answer will depend in large measure on the nature of the solutions to hate that we pursue."
OPAD - Content Regulation and the First Amendment
from the U.S. Office of Policy Analysis and Development
Peace Media
Peace Radio/TV; Countering Hate Radio
Recruitment of Extremist Groups on the Internet
Beverly Ray and George E. Marsh in First Monday Vol 6., #2 (Feb. 5, 2001)
"White extremists attempt to attract children with text, MP3 music, and games, but their efforts are not well organized and are more reactive than aggressive. Findings are reported for the uses of the Internet, methods employed, and how technology of the Internet contributes to these activities."
Racial Vilification and ICERD in Australia
Author : Louise Johns
Organisation : Murdoch University School of Law
Keywords : hate speech, racial vilification, ICERD,
Abstract : This report deals with the requirement for countries to make racial vilification illegal under article 4(a) of the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It examines the content and extent of this requirement, considering attempts by the UK, Canada and NZ to comply. The report then considers Australia's attempts to comply, with emphasis on the proposed _Racial Hatred Act_, and continues with a brief look at State law in this area. It concludes with a consideration of certain public concerns which may prevent the Commonwealth law being passed.
Racist-Sexist-Hate Speech on College Campuses: Free Speech v. Equal Protection.
Jahn, Karon L. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Speech Communication Association (76th, Chicago, IL, November 1-4, 1990). An ERIC abstract, with hot links
Southern Poverty Law Center
A non-profit oranization which began as a civil rights law firm in 1971, now conducts studies and informational programs on tolerance education and tracks activities of white supremacist and hate groups. Their database allows you to search for groups by type and by state.
Spotlight Finally Shines On White Hate Radio
By Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon Media Beat, November 3, 1994
Why doesn't the ACLU support hate speech codes on college campuses?
ACLU answers - Issue: Racist Speech on College Campuses
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