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Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale)
September 11, 1994, Sunday, Tv Book, Pg. 1.

Queries Abound About Spielberg, ' Earth 2'

by Sun-Sentinel wire services

Reports have been circulating that Steven Spielberg informed NBC that he hates Earth 2, the big, very expensive, sci-fi series being produced by his Amblin Entertainment company, and wants his name removed from the credits and advertising.

It's true that Spielberg doesn't want his name on the Earth 2 commercials, which will no doubt come in an avalanche before the series' debut in November.

Spielberg's camp insists that he is, in fact, enthusiastic about the show.

Says Amblin exec Marvin Levy, "Steven simply isn't that involved in Earth 2. He couldn't have had a 'created by' or executive producer credit removed because they were never there. He didn't create it, and he's not personally producing the show."

Spielberg visited Florida to oversee the overhaul of his seaQuest, D.S.V. "That series he's still very actively involved with," Levy notes.