Text and pictures from MCA/Universal's now closed Earth 2 web pages

Solitary and nomadic, Grendlers are acquisitive, conniving and self-serving. They will trade anything -- information, objects or their own loyalty -- for advantage. They are compact and extremely strong, able to lift ten times their own weight.

The Koba is a small, curious and usually friendly creature who likes to mimic behavior -- friendly behavior or hostile behavior. Their claws -- which they can hurl with great accuracy -- are coated with a dangerous poison that renders humans comatose for over a day.

Terrians are tribal creatures who live underground and count among their powers the ability to travel through solid earth. They have two primary modes of communication: through a trilling, almost whale-like song, and through dreams. Unlike humans, they don't view themselves as individuals, but rather as extensions of the planet, whose molecular composition is virtually indistinguishable from their own. Thus they often think and move in unison, as if controlled by a single mind. They are peaceful beings, but will act ruthlessly to protect the planet, which they consider their "mother". Their weapon of choice is the lightning staff -- a wooden pole topped with a rare mineral that channels and directs electrical energy from the planet into bolts of lightning.

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