Devon Adair in "First Contact" from program descriptions by "Ariadne" available at http://www.best.com/~ftmexpat/e2/a-e2.html The idea that connection to "nature" is necessary to human health is popular among people in the ecopsychology movement. They look to sociobiology for scientific legitimacy and inspiration:
According to Pulitzer-Prize winning sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson, Ph.D., of Harvard, people have an inherent biological need to be in contact with the out-of-doors. He calls it "biophilia", and believes that nature may hold the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction. Our childhood love of animals and natural myths and fairy tales may be early evidence of our basic affinity for nature and its instructive and healing properties.
(From: gbraakma@knoware.nl (Gert Braakman) in an email message announcing the World Wide Web site: Project NatureConnect
2 From the Universal Studios Earth 2 web page: http://www.mca.com/tv/earth2/e2ibc/e2creatures.html (now closed)

3 "The Dreaming or Dreamtime, has become a handy phrase used to describe what is in fact a sophisticated and interconnected mosaic of knowledge, beliefs and practices concerning the creativity of Ancestral Beings, and the continuity and values of Aboriginal life. At contact, this rich cosmology provided the means by which every individual was bound, from before birth to after death, into an intimate, personal identification with the land and specific sites within it. This was not only an economic and social relationship, but also a deeply spiritual bond. Vibrant ceremonial and religious life of the Northern Territory people generated a spectacular array of art forms, including body painting and personal ornamentation, ground sculpture, bark painting, wood carving and rock painting and engraving."
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